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VANISHED makes the Chicago Sun-Times’ Summer Reading List!

In today’s Chicago Sun-Times, reviewer David Montgomery recommends VANISHED for summer pleasure reading: “a perfect combination of action and intelligent suspense, led by a promising new hero.”

Thanks, David!

A Reader Asks…How can writers power up their openings?

“In POWER PLAY and KILLER INSTINCT you had a killer opening that raised not only great story questions but high stakes in a flash-forward moment before returning to a slower paced revealing of the protagonist’s everyday world. These openings also set up the Thriller feel to the book nicely. Any suggestions on how writers can power up their openings, or other areas of their stories to nail that ‘thriller’ feel?”

Yet another jacket photo?

Discovered: a long-buried photo of me from my days as a member of the 80’s New Wave synthpop group A Flock of Seagulls. (Thanks to my Twitter friend @juliagoolia). Rawk on.

Joe’s Rock ‘n Roll Fan

Here’s another fan of Joe’s — Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones). This is his home bookshelf. Spot the Joseph Finder novel (hint: it’s paperback and red).

May Writing Tip – Research: A Writer’s Best Friend and A Writer’s Worst Enemy

The text of my May Writing Tips newsletter — if you’d like to subscribe, you can sign up here.

My name is Joe, and I’m a research-aholic.

This should surprise no one who reads my books. In fact, I’ve taken some teasing about the length of the “acknowledgments” sections of my books, because so many people have been so generous about sharing their expertise with me.

My new book jacket photo

What do you think?

A Reader Asks…

“I’m trying to turn a book into a movie and need some guideline on what exactly I have to do.”

It’s a question I am asked often and I wanted to share my experience with other writers.

Talking Thrillers with Jonathan Maberry

I was flattered to be the subject of an interview on award-winning author Jonathan Maberry‘s Big, Scary Blog last week. Check it out here.

Introducing … THE COWL

This is the lead article of my May newsletter, which went out to subscribers yesterday. If you’d like to subscribe, sign up here!

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