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Films for Thriller Writers, A Survey Course

Thrillers on film and TV are research for me. Here are a dozen that taught me a lot:

The Third Man (1949). Old school. Joseph Cotten has no idea what he’s gotten into, and neither have we, except that we all know that nothing is what it appears to be. The Third Man is also among the original, and still one of the best, sources of that time-honored convention of thrillers — the major character we never see until the very end, when his presence and influence is suddenly obvious throughout the whole story.

June Writing Tip – What I Learned from Movies and TV

The text of my June writing tips newsletter — if you’d like to subscribe, you can sign up here.

Don’t Mess with Joe

The photo – courtesy of my Twitter friend @juliagoolia – speaks for itself.

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY talks about “The Cowl”

…And even more news today: The Cowl, the comic created in conjunction with my forthcoming book, VANISHED, is the topic of an article in today’s issue of Publishers Weekly.

Joe on CNN’s “Campbell Brown”

Joseph Finder’s recent appearance on CNN’s “Campbell Brown” discussing the latest spy scandal — the State Department mole with “Top Secret/SCI” clearance and how he got away with leaking some of our most sensitive classified intelligence to Fidel Castro for 30 years — along with Spy Museum director Peter Earnest and CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin.
Watch the CNN appearance on Youtube.

New piece for The Daily Beast

Spies at State: how Fidel’s mole got away with it for 30 years.

Read the article on

Video of Joe’s Interview on “Hannity” (Fox News)

On June 5, Joe appeared on “Hannity” (Fox News) as part of the Great American Panel with Fox News Legal Analyst Peter Johnson, Jr. and Republican Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn.

Watch Part One of the Interview

Watch Part Two of the Interview

Variety announces a movie deal for KILLER INSTINCT

Chockstone Pictures and DeFina Film Prods. have optioned the 2006 bestselling thriller KILLER INSTINCT.

Chockstone’s Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz will produce with Barbara DeFina. Roger Schwartz will be co-producer.

“The book appealed to us on two levels: as a terrific thriller and also as a parody of the technology industry that is scary and funny at the same time,” Steve Schwartz said.

Watch Joe on “Hannity” this Friday

Joe will be on “Hannity” (Fox News) , which airs from 9-10pm Eastern, on Friday, June 5.

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