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Thank you to all fans who take the time to write and for your kind words. Below is a selection of letters from readers. You can write to Joe at joe@josephfinder.com or via the Contact Form. Your letter may be quoted for the website or featured as the “Reader Mail of the Week” on the homepage.

Where the heck have I been on your fan-damn-tastic engrossing, enticing and exciting work? I started reading SUSPICION at end of LA to Tokyo flight, transfixed, and it is now 1:28 in the morning here just completed. I want more. more. MORE! What a stunning, visual, all senses in novel. And is there another book ever that has references to Karen Black and Ray Lamontagne?... Thanks much Joe, or domo arigato, as I go to bed now with so much to think about.
Tim C.

Just finished reading SUSPICION, thus rounding out the entire collection of your books. I am at a loss now! What am I going to read! Just kidding, but wanted to say thanks again for your great stories. They keep one reading chapter after chapter!
Dana H.

Just completed SUSPICION: in 2 days. Would have completed sooner but I had to go to work in between reading. What a great read!! I felt as if I were back in Boston and and walking along with Danny.You are so very talented- please say you are working on your next book.
BTW- if you and Lee (Child) are still looking for the best burger- visit the East coast of South Florida- and go to Hurricane's!
Go Sox!
Carol B.

Dear Carol,
Thank you so much! I am indeed working on the next book — just taking a break from it to answer email, in fact. It's great to get emails like yours as I'm working on the next one.
Thanks for the Hurricane's recommendation. Yes, that search continues...
Go Sox!

I like Nick Heller. Big fan of Baldacci and Flynn. You're in their league. What does the future hold for Nick Heller? Great work. Don't stop! Fan of the genre and you are doing a great job.
Keep writing. Hungry for more Heller!

Thanks so much, Mike! The book I'm finishing now is another standalone, but I set the third Nick Heller novel aside to write SUSPICION, and I'm hoping to get back to it sooner rather than later. I'll know more after I finish the current work-in-progress, so stay tuned. In the meantime, have you read the Heller/Reacher story in FACEOFF?
All the best,
Joe Finder


Thank you so much for coming by Fort Knox to sign books. I have no aspirations as a writer but I do find pleasure in reading. I also find pleasure in knowing that there are professional Americans that still support the troops, regardless of wars that we are instructed to fight. I have been in the army 2 weeks shy of ten years and I'm getting out on Friday. That book signing was impeccable timing for me. You have given me hope in America again sir and for that I thank you.
Christopher O.

Hello Joe, I've just turned the last page on your new thriller and I loved the wild twists in your story. The last third of the book really drove it home for me. I liked Daniel, and Dr. Mendoza, if given enough time, just might bring a nightmare or two. Good job!
Best, Curt J.

I finished SUSPICION a couple of days ago. LOVED it! I especially liked that this story had a good amount of closure, but could be explored further in the future (should you decide to do so).
I'm sure you were researching and writing long before El Chapo was captured, but I'm guessing that provided some inspiration for ideas?
I wish you the best.
Always a fan,
Travis W.G.

Dear Travis,
Thanks very much for the kind words, and for taking the time to write!
Yes, El Chapo was still at large while I was writing, but he and his rivals gave me plenty of raw material for my story. Sad to say, whatever bad guys I come up with, the real world manages to produce scarier ones.
I really appreciate your getting in touch. Spread the word about SUSPICION, will you?
All the best,

Dear Joe,
I am on page 320, and your thriller robbed me of my sleep! I am the librarian of our small rural library, so I took the liberty of taking our new novel home for the weekend for a “preview”—your book does not disappoint! I’m totally enjoying it, and I would like nothing better than to just sit outside and enjoy reading it like I did last night AFTER I wrote for our local newspaper.
Keep up the good work, and THANK YOU for helping me keep our locals excited about READING.
Excellent! And I have faith in the ending. The story WILL work out, right???!!!

Diana M.

Aw, Diana, thank you so much! Sorry I cost you sleep. And I don't want to give too much away, but yes, in my books, the good guys generally come out all right. The question is, of course, who ARE the good guys?
I really appreciate your taking the time to write.
All the best,

The minute I read the word DEFENDER in Vanished you moved to the top of my author list. My favorite vehicle and what I use in Botswana for the African side of my life. Please tell me you actually own one!! Are a member of the Defender world, something...there is nothing like them.
Roberta P.

Dear Roberta,
I absolutely do own one! And guess what the license plate is...

Always glad to meet another Defender fan — thanks for writing, and for reading my books!
Best wishes,

Dear Joe,
I am a longtime fan of your books (I think POWER PLAY is still my favorite.. absolutely love the corporate retreat setting, and Jake was a brilliant character. Ali was wonderful, too). Looking forward to SUSPICION!
Anyway, I was just looking for something to watch on Netflix and noticed "Paranoia," and I thought... wow, is that based on Joseph Finder's book? I got so happy for you, because I think many of your books would make great movies, and I can imagine how exciting it must've been when you got the news. Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman! That's just amazing.
So then I did a search for the movie because I wanted to see if it was, in fact, based on your book (Netflix didn't say). And I found the Wikipedia entry, which says... not nice things. :-(
That's why I decided to write to you. It probably seems really strange and random, since I don't know you and you don't know me, but I feel so bad that the critics didn't like it. Of course, authors don't have much, if any, control over how movies based on their books turn out -- so that probably wasn't fun for you.
Well, I'm going to watch the movie anyway, and I hope that the Powers That Be decide to make another of your books into a movie (POWER PLAY would be great!). However, it's true what they say (especially in your case) -- the book is always better than the movie ever could be. :-)
Thanks for writing such fantastic stories!
All best,
Sonya V.

Dear Sonya,
Thanks so much for the kind words, and for taking the time to write. I hope you enjoy the film version of "Paranoia." I did, but it does make some major changes from the book, especially in the character of Adam's father. It's always a roll of the dice to sell one's book to the movies; the main thing I care about is whether it brings people back to the book. PARANOIA, the book, got a new edition and some extra attention because of the movie — and if people say, "But the book was so much better!", well, I don't mind that at all.
Joe Finder

We just discovered you and have been reading your books. I just completed Company Man, and lived in Michigan for many years. During that time I was a facilities director and worked with Steelcase, Haworth and Herman Miller on projects. I knew some of the names in Acknowledgements, including Jim Hackett. Fine book!
Doug A.

Dear Doug,
Thanks very much for the kind words! I really enjoyed researching COMPANY MAN, and all those people were great to me. (Of course, none of the characters in the book is based on any real person.) Glad the book worked for you. I hope you'll enjoy my next one, SUSPICION.
All the best,
Joe Finder

I am an avid reader of Connelly, Cornwell, Patterson, etc. I had never heard of you before, but a friend passed along the novel PARANOIA to me. Well, I just finished the novel last night and all I can say is you are 'all of the above' and more. I have never been as stuck in a book as I have been with yours. Thank you for the incredible brilliance of your work - now, I must get out there and find more of 'you'.
Carla C.

Dear Carla,
Thank you so much for the kind words, and for taking the time to write. Authors aren't supposed to have favorites among their own books, but PARANOIA will always be special to me. If you liked that book, I think you'll enjoy the Nick Heller novels -- VANISHED and BURIED SECRETS -- and the book that's coming in May, SUSPICION, which might be my new favorite.
Best wishes for a happy 2014,
Joe Finder

I wanted to compliment you on your short story in THE MYSTERY BOX....excellent, excellent, excellent. The very best one in there, because you are the best.

Dear Joymarie,
What a great email to start my day. Thank you so much; I'm delighted you liked that story! As you know, I don't write them often, so it's wonderful to hear that I got it right. Hope you'll enjoy the two in next year's collections, ICE COLD (coming in April) and FACEOFF (which I wrote with Lee Child).
All the best,

OMG!! Am reading THE MOSCOW CLUB and simply cannot put it down—have done virtually nothing except read for the last day!! Can’t wait to get the next book!! Thank you!!

Joe, you made my day! I cannot wait to get my hands on the new book.
Nancy S.

Thank you for the hours of enjoyment you have provided and I look forward to more hours of enjoyment with each of your new books.
Linda F.

I'm a huge fan of yours. I discovered POWER PLAY, my first Finder book in 2008 at the Tel Aviv airport in Israel. Since, I've been hooked.
Jeremy L.

I've been reading since before I started preschool. A shy, introverted child, books were my escape...my alternate reality. My love of the arts knows no bounds; from the written word to dance and musical theatre, books have inspired me explore myself artistically and, in turn, become the woman I am today. PARANOIA was the first book of yours that I read and I was hooked, enthralled, impressed...to say the very least. Imagine my surprise when two different tweets of mine (@Love_Kaity) were responded to by none other than @JoeFinder! Thank you. Not only has your body of work quickly become one of my absolute favorites, but you made me feel relevant as a sincere fan. My appreciation for your writing being acknowledged meant the world to me! I hope that someday I get the chance to meet you and acquire your autograph so I can proudly display it! I so appreciate your humility towards your fans and I will always read and recommend your books! You've won me over not only as a reader, but as a kindred spirit who loves to share their art with others.
Thank you, again, and congratulations on the “Paranoia” movie! I saw it coming from the moment I picked up the book!
Kait H.

Dear Kait,
What a lovely note. I'm very touched to hear that PARANOIA connected with you -- an author isn't supposed to have favorites among his own books, but PARANOIA has a special place in my heart. Thanks very much for the kind words, and for taking the time to write.
Twitter's a writer's best friend and worst enemy — it's the equivalent of an online break room for me, since I work alone, and I'd spend all day there if I let myself. Glad to connect with you there, and thanks for reaching out!
All the best,
Joe Finder

Hi, just finished your FIRST book, THE MOSCOW CLUB - have read some of the later ones but never this one - and it was GREAT!!! The last 200 pages I couldn't put it down - just kept reading and reading and reading... Great story - thanks for reprinting it - now I have to get EXTRAORDINARY POWERS and read it too. Many blessings.

Dear Paula,
Thanks very much for taking the time to write! It's great to hear that THE MOSCOW CLUB stands up, after so many years, and it's been exciting for me to have it back in print. So glad you enjoyed, and I really appreciate your letting me know.
Hope you like EXTRAORDINARY POWERS just as much!
Very best wishes,

Please write more novels. I am almost finished reading all the ones you have in print. I don't like Kindle. I found you accidentally and love your dry since of humor mixed with your serious thriller story. I'm sure you hear this a lot - but I just love the way you write - better than Patterson, Graham, Glass, Gardner, Jackson and even Stuart Woods. It's your humor that makes you terrific.
Sandra S.

Dear Sandra,
Thanks so much - that's high praise indeed! Finishing the next book now, which is a standalone, and then I plan to get back to Nick Heller. As soon as I have any information about when the next book will be out, I'll announce it everywhere (newsletter, Facebook, Twitter). It means a lot to me to know that you're waiting for it.
All the best,
Joe Finder

Joe, met Brad Meltzer at his signing the other day and asked him about your tour together visiting our troops (thanks for doing that by the way)...asked about you and he said you were great. He does a great Finder by the way, has your mannerisms down pat...he wanted me to remind you to just say NO when asked if you have a knife at a check point. Thanks again for all you do and will see you at your next signing in DC area.
Jim T.

HA! Mannerisms? What mannerisms? He does me, seriously? I'll have to work on my own Meltzer imitation. Thanks for thinking of me, and I hope to get back to DC soon. Got to finish this book first —
Best wishes,

Thank you for giving me a reason to get rid of cablevision. I really appreciatre your wonderful books. My husband and I are great fans and often share your books between us and then have fun discussion the plots.
Patricia W.

Dear Patty,
Wow, that's high praise! There's great stuff on cable... thanks so much for the kind words, and for taking the time to write. Hope you like the book I'm working on now just as much. It's too early to say much about it, but the newsletter will have information as soon as it's ready.
Hope the winter's treating you well, and that 2013 is off to a good start. Happy reading!
Best wishes,
Joe Finder

I just completed THE MOSCOW CLUB, what a great read. I've been a big fan of Robert Ludlum over the years, it was only by fluke that I picked up your book. I am now a fan. Can't wait to read another one of your books. Which one do you recommend I read next?
Barry K. 

Dear Barry,
Thanks very much, that's always great to hear. I had the honor of knowing Ludlum, and comparison with him is high praise. I usually tell people new to my work to start with PARANOIA, which is actually being adapted for the movies (due in theaters in October). Or you might like my two Nick Heller thrillers, VANISHED and BURIED SECRETS. Hope you enjoy them!
Best wishes,
Joe Finder

Once again, I absolutely have to thank you for the Christmas card and for the reminder that there are successful people out there who are the kinds of people we'd like to have living next door. In your case, we would worry a bit about the diabolical mind you harbor within. Thank you, too, for the donation to Wounded Warriors. This is (as a military brat) an organization dear to my heart.
Iris M.

Dear Iris,
Glad the card arrived in plenty of time, and it's my privilege to support the Wounded Warriors Project. Thanks for your support, and best wishes for the new year!

Just want you to know that not only are you my favorite author, you are now my favorite human being for the USO visit you made to our troops. You are right. They are just "kids" defending our country and going through things that you and I sitting in our cushy homes can't even fathom. I commend you for your unselfishness and thank you for doing something that I, much to my chagrin, am really too old to do. But I do support the Wounded Warrior Project. Thank you Joe. I might never win one of your contests but you have won my heart for doing this great thing...supporting our troops.
Best regards, Christine A.

Dear Christine,
Thank you so much -- but I'm not kidding when I say it was a tremendous honor to be asked, and it was both one of the greatest adventures of my life as well as being one of the most moving experiences. I am the net beneficiary of that trip, without a doubt.
Best wishes to you and your family for a joyful holiday season, and thanks for your support

Dear Joe,
That is a tremendous and courageous thing to do -- going over and showing support for our Servicemen and women where they live & work. I definitely commend you on that brave endeavour; taking your own time to travel so far! I'm sure the experience will live with you always.
Hope this finds you safely back at home for your own Holidays!
Merry, merry!
your fan,
Dirk W. 

Dear Dirk,
It was an honor to be asked, and the adventure of a lifetime, as well as being tremendously moving. You're right, I'll never forget it. Thanks for the kind words, and for taking the time to write - hope you enjoy the books!
Best wishes,

Thank you for visiting our troops.
Richard R.

Thank you for supporting our troops! Loved the pictures. My brother was a fireman in Vietnam. He did tell me about the suit he had to wear. It didn't look too comfortable. t wasn't, was it?
Have a wonderful holiday season.
Write on! I love your books.
Phyllis M.

Dear Phyllis,
That suit was like wearing a personal sauna, in temperatures that were already above 90 degrees. Can't imagine how they work in them for any length of time!
Thanks very much for the kind words, and for taking the time to write. Happiest of holidays to you and yours.



I hope you are well. I read PARANOIA a few years ago and loved it a great deal, since then my reading habits have meandered through various genres and authors. Recently after a huge Asimov kick, I read PARANOIA again and then began reading the rest of your work.
I am in South Korea and I have been able to find or get delivered most of your books here, however BURIED SECRETS is proving difficult to get hold of. I'll be able to find a way eventually I hope. Most delivery websites don't make it all the way out to Korea. I end up trawling through used bookstores and the like.
I just wanted to let you know that your thrilling novels are being enjoyed in a tiny corner of Seoul, South Korea.

Dear A.S.,
Thanks very much for the kind words, and for taking the time to write. Glad to hear you liked PARANOIA - authors aren't supposed to have favorites among their own books (like parents with kids), but I admit I'm especially fond of that one.
What took you to South Korea? Sorry you're having trouble tracking down BURIED SECRETS. I've asked around, and it sounds like even Amazon needs a second-party shipper... if I come up with any better ideas or suggestions, I'll pass them along.
Best wishes, and thanks again --

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