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Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Heller’s Angel?

We are recruiting an elite group of Joseph Finder "superfans" to help spread the word about my books and Nick Heller. Because nothing in the book business is more important than word of mouth.

And to express my appreciation, the Heller’s Angels will get all sorts of advance access and cool swag, including:
– exclusive access to sneak preview material from the new book
– a Heller’s Angels t-shirt (Show your Heller’s Angels cred with these 100% cotton t-shirts available in multiple sizes and two styles: American Apparel slim fit and classic Hanes Beefy Tees.)
– some Heller Associates Field Notes journals (Never miss a trick with these 3.5"x5" "Scout Books"-style notebooks featuring chipboard cover, blank lined pages, and just a bit of inside information on Heller Associates. Always handy for shopping lists, notes on movies to rent or books to read, and field surveillance reports.)
– 5 copies of VANISHED to give to your friends & family
– early access to special content like videos and author interviews
– inside information and updates from me
– a video conference in June with me and fellow Angels

As Heller’s Angels, you’ll be offered missions to complete between now and the June 21 publication of BURIED SECRETS, so that you can be an essential part of the advance buzz for the new book.

Interested? E-mail [email protected] with the subject "Heller’s Angel."

This offer is currently limited to U.S. residents only.

My Desk, Up Close and Personal

Browsing through photos of other writers’ desks made me take a closer look at my own, in all its clutter. My desk, which takes up almost an entire wall of my office, is a 19th century library table made of quarter-sawn oak. It’s eight feet long. Even so, it’s hard to see the wood for all the things it’s accumulated: office supplies, toys, gadgets, and the paper that goes with being a writer even in this electronic age. 

“Clutter” is the wrong word, I’ve decided. It only looks like clutter to the uninitiated. Every tchotchke on my desk comes with a story of its own. Many were gifts, a few were prizes, all have sentimental value as reminders of the people and places that support my writing every day.

Rather than clean it all up, I mapped it out — for my own benefit, as much as anything. My website now includes an interactive guide to my writing desk, which you can tour here. Mouse over the various items on the desk for the stories behind them. 

I’m not saying every writer needs all of these things. I’m just explaining why I do. And now I look at the photo, I see a few clear spots of wood — which means there’s still room for anything else I really need . . .

Review of Lisa Gardner’s LOVE YOU MORE

This review appears on the Amazon web page for LOVE YOU MORE, but it’s a book that deserves attention from all readers, not just those who shop online. Visit Lisa’s own website for more information, including a list of bookstores where she signed books last month.

I just took a break from writing my new book to read the latest by Lisa Gardner, who’s one of the very few writers on my must-read list. Usually when I’m deep into a novel, I read very little in the genre. But Lisa Gardner sent me an advance copy of LOVE YOU MORE, and I pretty much dropped everything and read it through the weekend.
I’ve been a fan of Lisa’s D.D. Warren series for some time, but she’s truly outdone herself with this one. It grabs you on the first page and keeps you guessing until the final chapter, moving effortlessly between first person and third person narration, weaving an extraordinary amount of research into nonstop action.

LOVE YOU MORE starts with a crime we think we understand. Massachusetts State Trooper Tessa Leoni’s husband Brian is dead in their kitchen, and Trooper Leoni has been beaten almost to death. It looks to everyone like a case of a battered wife defending herself at last. But Leoni’s six-year-old daughter, Sophie, is missing, and the trooper’s story is full of holes — holes that become even wider and more curious as Boston Police Detective Sergeant D.D. Warren and her old lover, friend and former partner Bobby Dodge investigate.

Warren is dealing with issues of her own, as her relationship with Alex (who never appears in person in this installment) reaches a major turning point, one with implications for Warren’s investigation and beyond. (I’m not going to give away what that is. You’ll have to read it to find out for yourself.) The nature and power of Trooper Leoni’s attachment to her daughter are central to this story: just how much does Leoni love her daughter, and to what lengths will she go to protect her? Is it possible that a mother so devoted could kill her own child?

As Warren and Dodge follow the trail of clues, they uncover secrets at every turn: a terrible crime in Leoni’s adolescence, a shameful secret of her husband’s, and unimaginable betrayal among comrades and friends. Stakes escalate to a climax that is shocking, sad and deeply satisfying.

LOVE YOU MORE stands out in the crowded field of thrillers not only because it’s a terrific book, but because it features two compelling and believable female protagonists. Trooper Leoni tells us her own story in the first person, alternating with the third-person narrative of Warren’s investigation. Leoni’s motives emerge over the course of the book, but her passion and conviction draw us in even before we know whether she’s guilty or innocent. We cannot argue with her absolute drive, even as we root for Warren and Dodge to make sure justice is done. It’s a remarkable juggling act that requires rare talent, and readers will be anxious for the next installment in D.D. Warren’s adventures.

I’ve noticed that a lot of guys have some kind of prejudice against thrillers written by women. Take my word for it: Lisa Gardner has the suspense chops to compete with Harlan Coben, Lee Child, and Michael Connelly. Anyone who’s already read Tess Gerritsen, Karin Slaughter, Sandra Brown, or Mary Higgins Clark knows that some of the most gripping thrillers around are written by women.

If you haven’t yet discovered Lisa Gardner, now’s the perfect time to start. LOVE YOU MORE is going to win her a legion of new fans and launch her right to the top of the lists along with Nora Roberts and Tami Hoag — and Stieg Larsson.

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