A Reader Asks…


“I’m trying to turn a book into a movie and need some guideline on what exactly I have to do.”

It’s a question I am asked often and I wanted to share my experience with other writers.

I wrote PARANOIA, and my agent sold it to producers who will be making the movie. My direct involvement in making the movie will be very limited; I hope they’ll consult me, but my work pretty well ended when I finished the book. If you’re looking to sell a book to Hollywood, you’ll need an agent who specializes in that kind of representation. THE WRITER’S MARKET, available in any library, lists agents who represent book authors in Hollywood; you could also take a look at this list of agents who have relationships with the Writers Guild. No reputable agent will ask for money upfront to represent you or your work.An excellent discussion of writers’ role in the film industry is ADVENTURES IN THE SCREEN TRADE, by William Goldman. If you’re interested in writing a screenplay, I recommend STORY by Robert McKee and WRITING SCREENPLAYS THAT SELL by Michael Hauge. Best of luck!