Buried Secrets

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Reader Reviews

“Even though the plot was terrific, there were scores of terrific twists and action scenes, and the characters were fascinating and compelling, this book could not escape its one fatal flaw. It ended. I wasn’t ready for this to end. I wanted it to keep going. I wanted to find out more about the main character, Nick Heller… With short chapters, snappy dialogue, and a breakneck pace that is going to leave all other thrillers in the dust, this book is well worth reading.”
– N. Bilmes

“Tightly plotted and fast-paced, the story’s full of twists and turns, and kept this reader glued to the pages right up to the final exciting showdown. Heller’s a terrific character; a man of honor with a sense of humor and the hard knuckles and gun skills to see things through to the end.”
– Brian Baker

“The writing is great, the characters are great, the story is great, and it’s by Joseph Finder. It’s the total package – what more could you want. From page one, the story is riveting… Don’t miss this book!”
– J. B. Perkins

“Just when you think thriller writer Joseph Finder can’t possibly top himself… he does just that. His latest masterpiece–and, like every single one of his novels, it is just that–a masterpiece–Buried Secrets doesn’t have a single wasted word and there’s not a single page that can be read leisurely. Finder is simply the best at creating and maintaining tension… Buried Secrets fulfills the definition of what Emily Dickenson offered as the test of great writing–that it should “take the top of your head off.” That’s exactly what Finder’s novel does.”
– Led Edgerton

“To say that this was hard to put down is an understatement. The short chapters and change in point of view keep the narrative moving forward at a very rapid pace. I really enjoyed this novel and hope there’s a third one in the works. Recommend for a great summer read — but only if you have nothing else to do until you turn the last page!”
– Denise Crawford

“The second book in the Nick Heller series certainly doesn’t disappoint. This is a fast paced, can’t put it down, story of friendship faked or real, economics, corruption, murder, espionage, and a touch of international intrigue. Finder is a master of the thriller genre. He gives enough details to make the twists and turns believable… This is the first physical book I’ve read in 3 years. I wouldn’t have gotten past chapter 2 if it weren’t an outstanding story.”
– Carol Donaho

“The Nick Heller character is one of my favorites. So glad to see Heller develop into more… and for those of you not on Finder’s twitter feed, you’ll find it’s very creative and fun with each new novel. Keeping Up With Joe Finder is much MUCH more interesting than keeping up with anyone else (ahem). Keep writing, Joe, and I’ll keep buying.”
– Valerie Macewan

“Joseph Finder knows how to write, and he’s amazed us with his talents… In fact, I just found out that that he actually allowed himself to be locked in a coffin in order to do some research for this. That’s just crazy! But that’s also commitment that not a lot of authors show either, and to me that’s merely a silent token of respect. I hope there is more in the life and adventures of Nick Heller. With Joseph Finder thinking outside the box, this series promises to get better and better!
– Wolfe Moffat

“Compelling, Mesmerizing, Riveting, Fast-Paced, Action-Packed Thriller!:
– Tom McGee

“There are only a few authors whose books I will immediately move to the front of the reading order, and Joseph Finder is one of them… If you’re looking for a good Summer thriller, BURIED SECRETS has you covered.”
– Brian Reaves

“Joseph Finder developed a plot so intricate that the reader remains enveloped in the story, events and outcome from start to finish. As you learn about the secrets, hidden agendas and the true nature behind each character’s motives, you will learn that revenge; money, power and betrayal are just some of what motivates people. Allowing the reader to experience the events through Nick and hearing his inner thoughts, plus those of Alexa the reader becomes one with the story. Fast paced, over the top action and true insight into just how far our technology has come, tracking devices, untraceable cell phones and more, this book is a definite must read for all mystery/thriller lovers.”
– Fran Lewis


Reader Emails

BURIED SECRETS is the page turner of all page turners!! WOW!!! What a read. I read the book in a day and a half which is a first for me. Like one of the reviewers in Amazon said….”The book had one flaw…is ended.” That says it all for me as well. Kudos to you sir on a job well done!
– S.M.

I have read all your books and I especially love the Nick Heller character. It is nice to revisit Gabe and Nick again. Please continue to write the Nick Heller series, and, could you write ’em faster?
– C.S.V.

“I just finished BURIED SECRETS (2 days). Heck if it wasn’t for work it would have been finished in a day. I have read all your books and enjoyed everyone of them. Now how long until your next one??”
– S.B.

“Thanks, Mr. Finder, for your latest offerings. I had to skim through some of the more descriptive passages of Alexa in the casket, but the rest of the book rocked!”
– B.L.

“Just started BURIED SECRETS this afternoon. U still got it! I’m afraid it’s going to be a long nite…”
– F.P.

“I plan to wake up early and go buy the new book. I miss the nameplate that way, but at least I can read all day! You’re my favorite author, and I am looking forward to digging in to the book!”
– R.D.