Guilty Minds


"An exciting, insightful thriller with finely sketched characters . . . Finder really knows his way around a thriller, and his sensibilities about Washington, scandal, and the immediacy--and threat--of digital publishing and electronic surveillance seem chillingly plausible."

—Booklist, Starred Review

"Finder shows off his top-notch storytelling skills, moving with ease from high places to low in the nation's capital."

—Kirkus Reviews

"In Thriller Award–winner Finder’s lively third Nick Heller novel... a tight plot, sharp dialogue, and a cast of intriguing characters keep the story a cut above the genre pack."

—Publishers Weekly

"GUILTY MINDS crosses the finish line a winner—suspenseful, swift, surefooted, and entertaining to the end."

—New York Journal of Books

"Finder is one of the best contemporary thriller writers and the new one is a terrific tale involving an attempt by an Internet scandal website to trash the reputation of the chief justice of the Supreme Court."

—Connecticut Post

"Nick Heller is a breath of fresh air in the world of private investigators as he will go to any lengths to succeed for his clients. His background and skills are an asset, making him almost a superhero... GUILTY MINDS is a compelling thriller."

—Associated Press

"Nick Heller is back with a vengeance in GUILTY MINDS, the latest potboiler from Joseph Finder that’s as gritty as it is great... GUILTY MINDS may well be the first postmodern political thriller, putting an entirely new spin on similar treatments given by David Baldacci and John Grisham. Finder goes both of them one better in setting Heller (Jack Reacher with a portfolio instead of a toothbrush) to sort through the muddled morass unleashed by the 24/7 news cycle. A perfect summer read. "

—Providence Journal

"The story is sleek and surprising, and you’ll find yourself 200 pages in before you look up. It’s been five years since the last novel in the series, and this is a triumphant return for Nick Heller. "

—Los Angeles Review of Books

"No more is Joseph Finder's name to be intoned in adulatory whispers among admirers... His books meld ruthlessly orchestrated suspense with sharp characterization."

—Financial Times

"Finder’s prose is lean, the pacing swift and agile, and the plot well worth gossiping about."

—Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Smooth and polished — and classy enough for troubled characters to pause and make a big deal about the relative merits of rye whiskeys like Old Overholt and WhistlePig."

—New York Times

"Fans will welcome Heller back and first-time readers won't be disappointed with this fast-paced roller-coaster."

—The Florida Times-Union

"An engaging novel, well written and easily read. Finish it in a couple of days. Then go on to find the other Finder books. You will enjoy them."

—Lincoln Journal Star

"A blistering tale of deceit, corruption, and power... Finder offers everything you could possibly want, including action, politics, spy-like elements, and an exciting mystery.... Nick Heller is a great character, and GUILTY MINDS is one of the best books I’ve read so far this year."

—The REAL Book Spy

"Joseph Finder's crackerjack thriller GUILTY MINDS captivates with the kind of adrenaline rush one would get in a racecar driven by an expert who knows how to maneuver sharp twists and turns for maximum excitement."

—Shelf Awareness

"This latest installment in the Nick Heller series hits on all eight cylinders from page one to its very last paragraph ... Finder has done a masterful job... Those who enjoy detective novels and/or political thrillers will find much to love here."


"This is Finder at his race-paced best."


"Joseph Finder has once again provided his readers with a first-rate crime thriller... he knows the value of careful construction, exhaustive research, good writing and characterization that all adds up to quite a fast read."


"Everyone’s favorite private spy, Nick Heller, is back... Smooth prose, good action, well-paced, and just a fun story. A real pleasure to read from beginning to end."

—The Irresponsible Reader

"GUILTY MINDS excites and intrigues, and is the kind of book that can be digested in a single sitting. If Finder’s not already on your reading list, GUILTY MINDS demonstrates what the author has to offer: page-turning excellence."

—Simon McDonald (Reader, Writer, Bookseller)

"Solid, good, entertaining read."

—Just Talking Books

"GUILTY MINDS is a fun, fast-paced, and suspenseful read for fans of "House of Cards" or "Scandal.""

—Everyday eBook

"Suspenseful, surprising, and humane."

—Hallie Ephron, bestselling author

"A high-octane thriller melding mystery, murder, politics, and the awesome power of technology in our hyper-connected world."

—Mark Rubinstein, author

"Ingeniously plotted, furiously paced, written in the same style that has made him a book lover’s top-notch thriller writer, and twists and turns that will grab every reader... Joseph Finder produces one of his finest thrillers to date, and perhaps the thriller of the season."

—A Journey Without Map

"Some scandals never die and some minds will always be guilty when dealing with the public. One more five star golden star review for author Joseph Finder and Nick Heller. GUILTY MINDS: Throughout the novel there are many!"

—Just Reviews