Short Stories

Short Stories

In addition to his novels, Joseph has written short stories for both print and audiobooks.

FACEOFF, edited by David Baldacci, is an unprecedented collection from the thriller world’s top authors, who brought their series characters together in 11 short stories.

Joseph and Lee Child teamed up for “Good and Valuable Consideration,” in which Nick Heller and Jack Reacher do some good on the streets of Boston. Other matchups include Dennis Lehane’s Patrick Kenzie with Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch; Jeffery Deaver’s Lincoln Rhyme with John Sandford’s Lucas Davenport; and Heather Graham’s Michael Quinn with F. Paul Wilson’s Repairman Jack.

The book arrives in stores on June 3, but will be formally launched at an event at Thrillerfest in New York in July. For more information, visit the publisher’s website.

Nuclear brinksmanship. Psychological warfare. Spies, double agents, femme fatales, and dead drops.

The Cold War–a terrifying time when nuclear war between the world’s two superpowers was an ever-present threat, an all-too-real possibility that could be set off at the touch of a button–provides a chilling backdrop to this collection of all-new short stories from today’s most celebrated mystery writers.

Bestselling authors Jeffery Deaver and Raymond Benson have joined forces to bring us twenty masterful tales of paranoia, espionage, and psychological drama. In Joseph Finder’s “Police Report,” the seemingly cut-and-dry case of a lunatic murderer in rural Massachusetts may have roots in Soviet-controlled Armenia. In “Miss Bianca” by Sara Paretsky, a young girl befriends a mouse in a biological warfare laboratory and finds herself unwittingly caught in an espionage drama. And Deaver’s “Comrade 35” offers a unique spin on the assassination of John F. Kennedy–with a signature twist.

For more information, visit the publisher’s website.

There’s nothing more mysterious than a locked box. Whether it’s a literal strongbox, an empty coffin, the inner workings of a scientist’s mind, or an underground prison cell, there are those who will use any means necessary to unlock the secrets of…THE MYSTERY BOX.

With this anthology, bestselling author Brad Meltzer introduces twenty-one original stories from today’s most prominent mystery writers.

In Joseph’s “Heirloom,” a scheming neighbor frightens the new couple on the block with an unnerving tale of buried treasure.

For more information, visit the publisher’s website.

An original short story by Joseph.

“Plan B” finds private spy Nick Heller in Barcelona, Spain on a rescue mission. The target: a walled compound with state-of-the art-security. The object: a teenage girl, held against her will. The plan: get in and rescue the girl and then get out — without tripping an alarm or alerting the army of guards. But even the best designed plans can go wrong. Which is why Nick Heller always has a Plan B.

“Plan B” is available for download at Amazon and Kobo Books.

For the first time ever, legendary editor Otto Penzler has handpicked some of the most respected and bestselling thriller writers working today for a riveting collection of spy fiction. From first to last, AGENTS OF TREACHERY signals mission accomplished.

In Joseph’s first published short story, he riffs on a Boston architect who’s convinced his Persian neighbors are up to no good.

For more information, visit the publisher’s website.

Two powerful novellas from International Thriller Writers, WATCHLIST is the print edition of two original audio serialized thrillers. See below for more information about THE CHOPIN MANUSCRIPT and THE COPPER BRACELET.


Joseph contributed a chapter to THE CHOPIN MANUSCRIPT and its follow-up THE COPPER BRACELET. These audio serial thrillers are a unique collaboration by some of the world’s greatest thriller writers. In both editions, Jeffery Deaver conceived the characters and set the plot in motion; the other authors each wrote a chapter in turn; then Deaver completes the story with a shocking conclusion.