The Fixer

What Readers Say

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“I just finished THE FIXER … great story that I really enjoyed. My comment revolves around the medical references in the book. I am a nurse so I am very critical of authors who use medical references without doing their homework. This puts a damper on the book regardless of how good it was. You, sir, have done your homework!!! I loved the correct anatomical referenced, the FAST, the drug references and all the medical lingo!! Your brother was a wonderful reference for you! I enjoy all of your writing. Keep up the good work!!”
– Penny Burnett

“I read THE FIXER two weeks ago. Awesome job! I really enjoyed the story from beginning to end. I tried to pace myself but ended up diverting my time from a home remodeling job, which I would gladly do again by the way. Keep up the good work!”
– Bob Reid

“I read my first Joseph Finder book, THE FIXER, and I am hooked!!! Looking forward to reading the earlier books. Keep the great writing going!!!”
– Ina Roehr

“Because of you, I got no sleep last night. Finished the book at 4 in the morning and missed the Women’s Wimbledon final. Congratulations on a great book.”
– Baird Standish

“I am so glad that the NY Times told me about you. I happened to read SUSPICION and the last one THE FIXER. Enjoyed both of them. Could not stop reading it. It was excellent.”
– Shirley Frommer

“You haven’t written a book yet that I haven’t really, really liked! Keep the writing going….again can’t wait for the next one and I just finished reading this one!”
– Janet Thomas

“Just want to say your terrific book THE FIXER was so captivating, that I finished it in two days. I found I was disappointed that there was no more Rick Hoffman to read about. Your writing has elevated to a new level of adventure series. We want to know more about your Justice-seeking hero and we feel that we were rewarded to see that the “real life crooks” can get caught…”
– Sharon Snooks

“Just finished THE FIXER. It’s one of your best yet!”
– Jay Breda

“Just discovered your books…. What a find! Loved THE FIXER, just started SUSPICION. I also enjoy the Boston locale. I wrote a humor column for the Boston Herald in the 1980’s for five years.”
– Carol Dykstra

“I just read THE FIXER and I loved it!! I read it in on night and was sad that it ended! Looking forward to your next book!!!”
– Joanne F.

“You have no idea how refreshing it is to read a book without the Russians bringing a nuclear warhead into the country or one jam packed with terrorists. THE FIXER was fun to read… a good old mystery. I loved it. Now… how the heck are you going to teach me the hand and finger “trick”???????”
– Chuck Lowe

“The Fix is in THE FIXER. So much fun. You made me laugh and also think about the folks I know around Boston.”
– Barry Gordon

“I really enjoyed THE FIXER! It grabbed me from the first chapter, and you didn’t waste any time building tension and keeping the pace of the story brisk. As a long time fan, I definitely was not disappointed. Thanks for another great novel.”
– Travis Gillison

“I wanted to congratulate you on your new book. I thoroughly enjoyed the read. Loved the characters and how you weaved into the book so many local (Boston) references. Looks like another “bestseller”. Can’t wait for your next book.”
– Bob Miller

“When you start to read a Joseph Finder novel, you expect great things. This book did not disappoint. Fast paced from the very beginning, it was a roller coaster ride the entire book.”
– Sherri Lewis

“Read this well-written novel by a master of the thriller, and you’ll find out. Kudos to the author for another well-conceived and exciting thriller.”
– Mark Rubinstein

Finder’s novels are always exciting and entertaining,… THE FIXER is compelling and suspenseful and kept me on the edge of my seat.”
– Tricia Douglas

“Another win for Finder fans!”
– Melanie Johnson

“Highly recommend the book… Joseph Finder’s storytelling was at his usual high level. I finished the book in two days…”
– Bill

This was a fast-moving, suspenseful novel, a good read.”
– Jance

This was a great read with just enough mystery and romance to keep the reader engaged. It shows the true spirit of a man and highlights the relationship of a man and his father.”
– Sandra