BURIED SECRETS: We Have Liftoff!


The writing life has many rewards, but few are as sweet as a launch at your own hometown bookstore, surrounded by family and friends. My deepest thanks to Evan Perriello and everyone at Brookline Booksmith for making last night’s event so special, and for all the friends, family members and fans who turned out to hear me talk about BURIED SECRETS.

Of course, several of the folks in last night’s audience also have cameo roles in the book. Legendary Boston cable TV host Smoki Bacon appears in the book as the willowy, redhaired assistant to rogue financier Marshall Marcus, thanks to a generous charitable donation by her son-in-law. Jillian Alperin’s father made a contribution that resulted in the naming of Nick’s pierced, tattooed, vegan receptionist. And my friend David Schechter, hedge fund manager and philanthropist, became a much more sinister Boston insider. (David, I was especially touched to see, turned up in his very own Heller’s Angels t-shirt!)

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so here are a few, courtesy of our office assistant, Whitney MacKenzie, who has nothing in common with Nick Heller’s receptionist Jillian. Thanks to my invaluable assistant, Claire Baldwin, for all her work setting this up!

Books to be signed.

The signing line – no pushing, no shoving. Look closely and you might spot authors Hallie Ephron, Gary Braver, and Daniel Palmer, among others . . .

My friend David Schechter, looking dapper in his
Heller’s Angels t-shirt.

Talking to Gary Braver, whose own book TUNNEL VISION
was also published on Tuesday!

The BURIED SECRETS tour continues tonight in New York, heads to Newburyport on Friday, then goes to Westbury, CT, Washington, DC and a very special fundraiser in Boston to wind things up on June 30. Details are online at