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Reader reviews are in for GUILTY MINDS! Have a comment? You can write to Joe at [email protected] or via the contact form. "GUILTY MINDS is a guilty pleasure you will not regret indulging. Joseph Finder knows what readers want from a book and delivers it in spades. Finder doesn't just haphazardly, willy-nilly turn out books...we have to wait. And boy oh boy is it worth the wait." – RJ McGill "I really enjoyed GUILTY MINDS. I have read most of your books and they have given me many hours of enjoyment. You're a very good story teller and in my opinion your work is at the top of the genre. Though I prefer stand-alone novels, it was exciting to read Nick Heller again. I look forward to reading your next mystery thriller. Thank you." – Mike Franks "Just wanted to drop a quick not to tell you how much I enjoyed GUILTY MINDS... Words can't describe what a great feeling it is every time I get to the book store and see your name on a novel in the new fiction section. It was yet another awesome Nick Heller novel, keep them coming!" – Tim Stubblebine "Just finished GUILTY MINDS. Another great novel. It was a page turner all the way. Can hardly wait for the next Nick Heller book to come out. Keep up the fine writing, Joe." – Francis Carlin "I just finished it moments ago ... it was fabulous!!! What a timely scenario. Great plot, great characters..." –Gay Vernon "I thought it was great!! It held my interest all the way to the end. In addition to being a thriller it had good portions of a mystery procedural. Ed McBain was the master of this and a favorite author... I also thought your explaining things throughout the book that some authors take for granted that are known by the reader without giving the impression that you are speaking down to the reader. An example was when Nick got shot with the vest on. Thanks for helping make my weekend more enjoyable." – Mike Dillman "What a gem this book is. I was completely spellbound by it. Thank you for the time, effort and research you put into your novels. As always, I can’t wait for the next one!" – Woody Rust "Not only do I thank you for being the great writer that you are but also for including a word that I did not know: demilune table. I found it is a very old word but new to me. I am always open to new words (to me). Actually, I had semi translated it with the Spanish I know and confirmed it with a Google search. My translation was "small moon" as "luna" in Spanish is moon. Next week the Bookmobile will probably bring me THE MOSCOW CLUB, THE ZERO HOUR, COMPANY MAN, POWER PLAY and BURIED SECRETS. That will complete your published fiction books. So I hope you will keep writing -- I will be waiting." – Pauline Wilcox "I have read all of Joe Finder's Books and cannot wait for the next one. I was up very late at night and finished his book in a day and a half... And I want you to know that I am madly in love with Nick Heller. He is terrific! Just keep on writing, please." – Shirley Frommer "Just finished GUILTY MINDS and loved it! You are one of a few authors to include Michael Connelly, John Grisham and Stephen King (eclectic like me) that I excitedly wait for new releases. I get up every morning at 5am and walk 2 miles with our puppy listening to audio books. Beside the incredible mountain scenery that's a backdrop to our walk in North Scottsdale I get to thrill in the twists and turns of your fantastic story - it really takes me to another place and makes me look for excuses during the day to listen just a little bit more :). So glad to have discovered your writing and thought you might like to know how you make one person's day a little bit better." – Mike McCormick "I'm sitting here trying to have a conversation with my wife, whom I don't get to see all day, but can't engage her into a repartee more meaningful than " umm, a-ha .." Why is that Joe? It's because she can't put your book down. Thanks a lot! Fantastic book. Probably one of your best IMHO. This would make a killer movie." – Jay Breda "I'm reading it right now - didn't want to go to work. I'm so glad I got one of your bookplates. I'd not read your books before, but felt I had to since I had that bookplate. I'm glad I did - loving your work." – Donna Solove "I loved this 3rd Nick Heller book and I am hoping there will be a 4th edition down the road. Thanks for the great entertainment, Joe." – Martha Greer "Read GUILTY MINDS and thoroughly enjoyed it. Could not put it down. Good thing I am accustomed to not sleeping!" – Howard Davis "I just finished your last book last week and as usual it was excellent. How very timely the plot and events were! I have been a devoted fan of your writing since finding your first book. Keep up the good work." – Christina Casale "Very good read. I have now read all your books except RED CARPET, and I am going to start that. Look forward to the next Nick Heller." – Marty Kerfoot "I just wanted to say thank you for another great read! I thoroughly enjoyed GUILTY MINDS, as I knew I would. So glad to have Nick Heller back!" – Michael Teasley "My husband and I have just "discovered" you as an author and thoroughly enjoying you books. Thank you." – Kathleen and Peter Slater (Ajax Ontario) "I literally just finished GUILTY MINDS. It. Was. Perfect. Thank you for a lovely weekend adventure with Nick." – Janice "Your books are so fun to read." – Lucy Naden "I've been a Joseph Finder fan for a long time and have to say this book has it all--non-stop action, political intrigue, interesting characters and a twist you won't see coming. Be prepared to read it in one sitting!" – Evelyn "This is my favorite Nick Heller novel so far. It's ingeniously plotted, and we get a deeper sense of Nick himself through the decisions he makes, which are not necessarily the wisest. You don't need to have read the earlier books to enjoy this one, but after this one, you'll want to go back and pick up VANISHED and BURIED SECRETS." – Ellen "I really enjoyed this third book in the Nick Heller series. As I was reading it I couldn't help thinking that it felt like Jack Reacher meets Olivia Pope. This book has it all: non-stop action, political conspiracy, betrayal, greed, a little romance, and a clever twist at the end. Nick Heller is a highly skilled private spy that is very good at solving problems and exposing the truth. In this book he is up against a group of fixers that make scandals go away. He finds himself deep in the dirty side of politics and law enforcement. This one will keep you reading long into the night." – Kyle Robertson "Fans of this author and the series will not want to miss this one... Nick Heller is the male hero archetype of this genre and of course the dialog is snappy and his skills very impressive as he seeks justice and an answer in this case. An enjoyable read." - Denise "Some twists and turns along the way, but overall a quick, satisfying, enjoyable read." – Melanie "Excellent reading... [with] a twist that will grab every reader." - Joyce