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Fans rave about SUSPICION. Have a comment? You can write to Joe at [email protected] or via the contact form. “I finally got around to reading the new book yesterday, and did it cover to cover in one day, which I rarely do… I’m glad you’re back.” - Randy Raab “Wonderful read... Thanks for choosing writing as your career.” - Em Neilsen “You are personally responsible for ruining my workday. I needed to rise at 5 this morning for early meetings. I reset my alarm 3 times last night. I missed my first 3 meetings this morning and it's all your fault. I started your latest book on Sunday and simply couldn't put it down. It's a good thing I'm president of the company or I might have lost my job. Please don't take another 3 years off between books. I'm off to purchase all your previous work.” - Evan Auchard “Wow Joe what a ride you took us on with Danny and Tom. I got started and couldn't put it down, great book. Thanks so much for a wonderful read.” - Jackie “I finished SUSPICION a couple of days ago. LOVED it! I especially liked that this story had a good amount of closure, but could be explored further in the future (should you decide to do so).” - Travis W. Gillison “I've just turned the last page on your new thriller and I loved the wild twists in your story. The last third of the book really drove it home for me. I liked Daniel, and Dr. Mendoza, if given enough time, just might bring a nightmare or two. Good job!” - Curt Jarrell “Your book SUSPICION was soooo good I could hardly read it, if that makes any sense. I would read a page, slam it down pick it up 30 seconds later continue... it was heart pumping and had me so hyper from beginning to end. Excellent! The best!” - Linda Manolikakis “Just finished reading SUSPICION and absolutely loved it. Nice work, Joe!” - Daniel J. Hale “I love the way you write, but I HAVE to go to SLEEP, dammit! I keep going to the beginning of the next chapters to see what is happening and get hooked. Enjoying SUSPICION so far. Got me hooked again.” - Frank Pinto “I just finished SUSPICION. I've read some of your other books, but I think this was the best! My heart was pounding! I was especially scared during the Aspen scenes, but that was partly due to my own fear of snow. Anyhow, I loved it and look forward to catching up on your other work.” - Chris Smith “SUSPICION - Another great book by a great author. Loved it, Joe.” - Francis Carlin “Just wanted to say that as a voracious reader, SUSPICION has been the most enjoyable book that I have read in quite a long time. It is freaking AWESOME! The suspense was intense and I was literally breathless at times. Thank you for the entertainment.” - Joel Weiner “SUSPICION was super! . . . I don't trust any of your characters to be what they appear to be! Don't wait so long for your next book.” - Jay Cohodes “Just to let you know I loved SUSPICION... all your books are great but this is The Best!! Could not put down....” - Sallie Gutman “Just finished your latest novel. I simply could not put it down.” - Gene Kunak “Just finished listening to SUSPICION. I have to say its one of your best yet. Fantastic! “I think one of my favorite things about your book was all the references to real places in Boston that I've been to and roads I've driven on. (I've bought stuff at that Home Depot !) It made it extra special for me. You have a way of bringing a story to life with minute details and descriptions of your character's emotional and physical state of mind... I can truly say that I am easily ably to immerse myself very quickly into your stories and love the ride!” - Jay Breda “I just finished reading SUSPICION in one sitting, and enjoyed it immensely.” - Deborah David “Just found you recently and glad I did. You’re as good as the best.” - Michael Jennes “Just finished SUSPICION and it was fantastic... Keep up the good work...” - Michael Appell “Just wanted to say I read your new book SUSPICION over the weekend. Loved it.“ - Kathy “I have just finished reading your awesome new novel SUSPICION!! You are a master storyteller and I always look forward to your next book! Hopefully SUSPICION will be made into a movie, as Danny Goodman is an interesting 'down-to-earth' character, who is as normal as your next door neighbour!!" - Elaine Furger "Just completed SUSPICION: in 2 days. Would have completed sooner but I had to go to work in between reading. What a great read!! I felt as if I were back in Boston and and walking along with Danny. You are so very talented - please say you are working on your next book." - Carol Berman "I finished your newest book late last night and I must say, it certainly did not disappoint!! Thank you for yet another great read." - Lisa Cofield "LOVED, LOVED, LOVED SUSPICION! Stayed up all night reading it - I have loved all your books, but I have to say, SUSPICION is my favorite so far!! The sad part is, I now have to wait TOO LONG for your next book. So, I am going back and rereading your books from the start. That should keep me busy for awhile! - Liz Partridge "I absolutely loved SUSPICION and passed it on to my sister who also raves about it... It was a riveting story and I can hardly wait for the next one. You're one of the best!" - Bonnie Parker "Just finished reading SUSPICION last night and thoroughly enjoyed it!!" - Jane C. Martinez "Listening to it right now...Really great !..Lots of tension." - Steve Spergel "Brilliant! Well constructed and thrilling. Excellent characters, and as expected, kept me turning the pages. I loved the Hitchcock references...especially as the word suspicion never fails to bring the image of Grant & Fontaine at the cliff in tne early bits... I look forward to your next creation and am delighted to see the recognition given to SUSPICION." - Sheila Baltz