About Joe

My Desk

I’m often asked what my office and my desk look like. Well, here it is — in an interactive format! Just scroll/cursor/mouse over the strange collection of stuff on my desk, and a box pops up with an explanation or a backstory. Yes, I really do keep all this junk on my desk. It’s not representative, I’m sure, of any or all writers. Just one writer’s idiosyncratic writing space . . .

Joe Finder's Desk Wooden Book Stand Blackwing 602 Pencil Red Telephone Glass Paperweight Astar Cargo Jet Brass Owl Paperweight Uniball Pen Antique Oak Calendar First Ever Pepsi-Cola produced in the Soviet Union International Thriller Writers Association Award Nineteenth Century Library Table Victorian Brass Hourglass Antique Brass Paper Clamp Magic Rub Bobblehead of Joe Finder Bobblehead of Edgar Allen Poe Sphinx Saxon Manila 33B Espresso Computer Keyboard