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Thank you to all fans who take the time to write and for your kind words. Below is a selection of letters from readers. You can write to Joe at [email protected] or via the Contact Form. Your letter may be quoted for the website or featured as the “Reader Mail of the Week” on the homepage.

Dear Joe,
I’ve been reading your books for years and just finished THE SWITCH, which was terrific. Thank you. You do a such great job – character, plot, pacing, dialogue, all of it is first class. And you do your research too – it shows. It’s gratifying that there are authors like you who are still dedicated to putting out books to the same standard as their earlier ones, (rather than taking the easy way out and slapping their names on the cover and polishing the first 20 pages.) … I wanted to thank you, as you’re one of the few authors who scratches my itch for a thriller that is intelligent and encompasses worlds that I’m interested in.
Debra Diamond

Hi, Joseph! Greetings from the Philippines. I just want to let you know that you’re a blessing in this world. It’s my first time reading a masterpiece of yours and best believe, I’m completely blown away. Thank you so much! You’re so talented.
Justine Reyes

Your book THE FIXER has been a welcome escape from some tedium of late. I am only halfway through, but I just started tonight….keep writing, and thank you, love your books.
Doug Milford

I am a recently retired medical professional and an information junkie. When I come across someone who is as entertaining and unique in his mesmerizing plots as Joe, I am thrilled. Now that I no longer have to work 12 hour days, much of my time will be spent exploring the fascinating mind of Joseph Finder… I came late to the party, but I’m really going to enjoy reading ALL of his other books. Also thanks for the great website.
Dale Baxley

I’ve been reading your books for years and have especially enjoyed your corporate thrillers (I still tell friends about a single paragraph in Paranoia regarding IP strategy where you clearly did your homework–I’m a former patent attorney). However, I never got around to reading THE MOSCOW CLUB until last week. WOW! I lost hours of sleep because I stayed up too late reading. I was especially fascinated by how much technology has changed since then and the challenges it probably creates for thriller authors.

I’m so glad that 27 years later, you’re still writing. Your writing career is a huge inspiration to me. Thank you for your continued dedication to great storytelling. I hope you enjoy even more decades of success.
Grace Wen

I accidentally stumbled upon your book, VANISHED, at the public library! I needed a new book to read and since I grew up in DC and my husband is Special Forces (we are stationed at Fort Bragg, NC), I thought it would be a good read. Well, I couldn’t put the book down and can’t wait to start reading your other books! I am recommending VANISHED to my book club! Additionally, the character, Gabe, reminded me so much of our 14 yr old son (except for the comic book characteristic)! You really pegged a 14 yr old boy!!
Denise DeLellis (military spouse)

I just finished reading THE SWITCH. I could not put it down! It was a fantastic novel, but also scary because,even though the story was fiction, I could see some of the events really happening.
Ilene Wright

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your books. I am almost through reading THE SWITCH and do not want it to end. Your writing talent goes above and beyond.
Lillian Johnson

Just finished THE SWITCH…terrific…a page turner until the end! Don’t know how you come up with these great plots…but glad you do. Waiting anxiously for your next book!!!
Thanks so much, Martha Jordan

As an avid reader, and fellow Mass. resident, I just wanted to tell you I have read all of your books and just finished POWER PLAY. It was excellent! I look forward to your next book!
Kathy Hogan

Bought your book POWER PLAY this afternoon. Just finished it, great book. I was a machinist at Boeing for over forty years. I was the lead machinist on the B-2 bomber. Loved the way you described the manufacture of the composite parts. I will certainly look for more of your work.
Jeff Quigley

Jeff, you’ve made my day. I loved researching POWER PLAY, and I’m so glad to hear I got the details right. Thank you very much for taking the time to let me know. Hope you like the other books just as much.
Joe Finder

GUILTY MINDS was a great read as was THE SWITCH and every book I read of yours. You are one of my favorite writers and look forward to JUDGMENT.
Carolyn Hendrix

I finally bought THE SWITCH. Loved it. Lots of twists and turns kept me interested. Good Read. You did good Joseph.
Teresa Sidwell

I finally finished THE SWITCH and loved it… Always had some adrenaline going with Michael Tanner and loved the humor with the homeland guy who was following him around. Great story – look forward to your next book!
Elaine Checkley

THE SWITCH was terrific! It was the 4th or 5th book I’ve read of yours of the years. I’ll read more. Thanks for the enjoyable reads.
Michael Culvert

I just finished reading a tenth book of yours. I loved COMPANY MAN and could not put it down.
Ken Leichman

Mr. Finder,
I enjoy your novels a great deal; I consider them great literature. In KILLER INSTRINCT I keep hoping that Kurt Semco will survive his crimes and not be arrested. Also, Jason owes him a lot for all of Semco’s help. Guess I have a twisted sense of justice. Anyway your writing keeps me interested and engaged in the story. I am about 75 pages from the end of the novel and will save the remainder of the book for this evening. Please let me know who you enjoy reading. I also like Walter Moseley, Robert Parker (of course), and Andrew Vachss. Thank you for a wonderful book. Reading your novels is better than going on a vacation to Europe.
Andrew Minjiras

Dear Andrew,
Thanks very much for the kind words, and for taking the time to write. It’s true that Jason owes Kurt a lot; the best villains are the ones who aren’t entirely bad. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the book! As for who I like to read, I too am a big Robert B. Parker fan, and was lucky enough to know him. I’m currently reading an early copy of the next Lee Child novel — he’s always a favorite. If you like Boston settings, William Landay’s books are terrific. If you like my books, you’ll also like books by Jeff Abbott, Harlan Coben, Lisa Gardner, and Meg Gardiner, among others. And you can find some more specific recommendations here: http://www.josephfinder.com/writers/tips/thrillers-to-learn-from/.
Happy reading,
Joe Finder

Joseph, I don’t know how you do it, but great, great stories. Each one one of your books is completely different. Great job! Can’t wait for your next book. Also, enjoy receiving your Christmas cards.
Ed laskowski

Hi Joe,
On my annual trip to Boston – my son has been living there for 20 years – I always stop off at Barnes and Noble in the Prudential center to buy your latest book. I have never been disappointed and read non-stop on the plane on my 16 hour journey back to South Africa. Loved THE SWITCH and always hand over your books to the local book club, whose members have become avid Joe Finder readers. Keep up the brilliant writing.
Best regards,
Robert Schroder

I’m reading THE SWITCH and love it! Wish I had thought of the idea myself. Many authors seem to get bland as their career progresses, but your stories since SUSPICION are your best since COMPANY MAN. In fact, the reason they seem better is because it’s still Joseph Finder who wrote PARANOIA and THE ZERO HOUR, the same voice, but the stories capture me in a way that’s just as intriguing, but in a different way. I can’t put my finger on what it is. It’s like you reinvented yourself but stayed who you are. Maybe they’re just as suspenseful but more casual (in a good way). In any case, terrific job. I’ve been a fan for over ten years. PARANOIA remains one of my all-time favorite books. I’ve recommended it and given copies to many people.
Take care! Keep that life in your books!
John Herrick

Just finished several of your books. Love your writing talent and character development. ESPECIALLY enjoyed Paranoia! The humor made it spectacular and now my husband is reading it. Can hear him, now, laughing aloud, as he pages thru. PLEASE … more like Paranoia!
Jane Kerr

I just discovered your writing and I am so glad. I have read four of your books so far, and each one was riveting. I plan to read all of them soon. When I went online to contact you, I noticed that you graduated from Shaker. I did, too. I am much older than you, because I graduated in 1957, but I received the very best education there, as I am sure you did. Shaker must really be proud of you.
Barbara Dupont Hendrix

I just finished GUILTY MINDS and wanted to tell you that for me it was a very enjoyable and entertaining book. I think I’ve read all of your books. I was first introduced to you via the book PARANOIA. IMO, that is the one I loved the best. I was in a job search class once and recommended that book to the class. It had good job hunting tips.
Anyway, keep writing and I’ll keep buying.
Patrick Finucane

You probably get tired of answering questions – this is just to tell you I LOVE your books more than you can imagine. I read a lot and have about four favorite authors – you are the TOP.
Your gift of story telling takes me away from this rat-race world. Thank you is really all I can say for sharing your gift with the world. Books and music are lifesavers.
All the best,

Dear Joe,
I saw your newsletter in my inbox today and must have smiled because the person next to me asked what I was looking at that made me so happy. I just want to say – Thank you, once again, for your wonderful books and the heartwarming newsletters. Even with one book every year, it is a long wait and your letters really brighten up my day :).

POWER PLAY got me out of a reading sabbatical of nearly eight years and I haven’t stopped reading since. I eagerly await THE SWITCH and hope your novels will be available again in India soon, and that I can meet you someday to get a signed copy. Until then I wish you continued success with your books.
Warm Regards,

Dear Ashima,
There’s no better compliment you could pay me. Thank you. I’m so glad POWER PLAY broke your reading drought, and I hope you enjoy THE SWITCH just as much. I’m actually not sure of my current publication status in India; my UK publishers, Head of Zeus, may distribute there. I’ll ask.
All the best,

Hi Joseph,
I have just found your books and have read four in the last three weeks. Just reading BURIED SECRETS, and thoroughly enjoying it. I just wanted to say how pleased I am I took one of your books out to read. I have enjoyed all so far, have added your name to my list of favourite authors. Thank you for great stories.
Kind regards,
Jane Harris

Joe, I’ve just discovered your books and have already read four of them. They’re all great thrillers peopled by living, breathing characters. I’m looking forward to THE SWITCH. I will tell my thriller-loving friends about you, but I’m unsure of how to pronounce Finder. Is it “fin” as in fish, or is it “fine” as in “that’s great with me?”
Thanks for some really good and incredibly riveting writing.
Dick Paetzke

Dear Dick,
Thanks for asking! It’s FINN-der, to rhyme with “tinder.” If you meet anyone else who pronounces it that way, chances are good that they’re related to me.
All the best,
Joe Finder

I just finished GUILTY MINDS. It was a spectacular book. I really enjoyed the twists and it kept my mind going–a true psychological thriller. I am looking forward to your next book.
Yolanda M.

Mr. Finder,
I was not familiar with your work, but picked up KILLER INSTINCT last week, and cannot put it down. Not only is it a great entertaining story, it has me looking forward to reading the rest of books this Spring and Summer, including your new book that comes out in June.
Thanks, Pat

Hi Joseph,
I am currently reading all of your material and just absorb with these stories. Something that I’ve thought of is how do you think of these things? Also what makes you want to write about big corporate men? I’m just very interested and would love to know!!
Kassandra Serrano

Dear Kassandra,
This is the question writers get most, and it’s the hardest one to answer — in fact, it’s the one we ask each other. But I suppose it comes down to what we notice, and what makes us ask “Why?” Ideas are everywhere, once you start looking for them.

If you stand in line for coffee, watch the people around you — really watch them, and pay attention to what they’re doing. Look for things that surprise you, and imagine why those things might be happening. Every story of mine begins with a “what if . . . ?” question. The problem is never finding that question, but narrowing it down to one that will carry a whole book forward.

I wrote about “big corporate men” because I wondered why no one else was asking those questions about them. Most of us spend most of our waking hours at work. Many of us do things because bosses tell us to, for reasons they may never explain. That interested me. I went to school with the thought that I’d be a spy, and many of my classmates and friends went into that work; when the Cold War ended, several of them went into the corporate world, to become “private spies.” The idea of using those espionage skills in the business world is at the heart of PARANOIA, and of the Nick Heller novels.

Thanks for your interest, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the books —
Best wishes,
Joe Finder

Shalom Joe

Consider this email a note of heartfelt appreciation for the many hours of reading pleasure you’ve given me.

Corporate intrigue, fraud, and personal betrayal are favorite book topics of mine. I bought Company Man, my first JF book, because of the title. Afterwards, I raved about it to all my reader friends because it had enthralled me until the very last page. And that doesn’t happen very often, unfortunately. Next I read Paranoia and, like Adam Cassidy, was deeply shaken by the ending. I can’t remember the last time a book affected me as much. Later I read Buried Secrets and just now I finished Power Play.

Your plots are amazing, your writing style is wonderful but it’s your characterizations that I l o v e . Your villains are terrific (terrifically evil) and your heroes are guys I’d like to know personally, warts and all. As a gal, I love eavesdropping on the goings-on of your heroes’ intimate relationships from a guy’s point of view. Fascinating!

Keep up the good work.

Your fan in Ma’ale Adumim, Israel,
– Channa Coggan

A friend of mine introduced your stories to me and all I can say is I’m having the hardest time getting through SUSPICION because I’m so stressed. I mean this in the most complimentary way!
Your writing is fantastic and you have a raving new fan. I can’t wait to read your other books as well. Thanks for showing just how great the thriller genre can be. I’d gotten a little tired of some other stories I’d read where the main character is larger than life and able to handle everything thrown at him with relative ease. I see myself in your characters; the self doubt, the questioning, why me? etc. Also, your plots are so plausible it is scary. As a new writer you have inspired me to dig deep and give the reader the best experience possible.
– Andrew

I travel for my job every week and had my laptop mixed up with someone else’s going through airport security. Mine had a much less exciting ending, however, as a TSA guy yelled my name out in an airport bar (while I was talking with some strange drummer from a crazy rock band). The TSA guy had the person with my laptop, and THE SWITCH was quickly made. I’m guessing your latest book will be much more interesting and exciting–can’t wait for it to come out!
– Laura Fuller

Wow, Laura — I’m glad your switch had a happy ending. Now I’m wondering how often it really does happen . . .
All the best,

Just finished THE FIXER. I couldn’t put it down. Need to go get several more of your books. Thanks for writing so good.
– Judy Finlay

I am a library fanatic. Lately I have noticed that you not only support libraries / and on boards, but make appearances in your area. That is the coolest! The latest stuff you posted on Facebook is admirable! Thanks! I really enjoy your writing and hopefully I have nudged folks I know into your direction.
– Ron Pettie

Dear Ron,
Without exaggeration, I would not be where I am today without libraries. It’s a privilege to be able to help them when I can. Thanks for spreading the word, and for all your support.
Best wishes,

My wife Eileen has read 11 of your great novels and I six. (She focuses better.) We will not stop until each of us has read all 13. Then there will be a vacuum awaiting your next best-seller. Thank you. Thank you. You are the best at what you do of all active novelists. We are at age 75 very experienced at judging best-selling fiction and marvel at how each of your books is so original and still a page-turner. Feel fulfilled that you have enriched the lives of tens of millions. I hope many of the first 13 become feature films.
– Nick Curran

Dear Nick,
What a great email! Thank you so much. You can’t imagine what a difference it makes to a gray day when I’m sunk deep into the next book. Here’s hoping you won’t have to wait too long until this one is on the shelves — look for it next summer. If you’re subscribing to my newsletter, you’ll have a chance to win an early copy and read excerpts in advance. You can sign up for that here, if you haven’t already done so: http://www.josephfinder.com/special-offers/newsletters/.
Two of my books have become films. I can recommend HIGH CRIMES (which I even have a cameo in), and PARANOIA stars Harrison Ford. Some of the others have been “in development” at one time or another, but I’m happiest just writing the books.
Happy reading, and thanks again,
Joe Finder

Hello Mr. Finder,
I don’t know where they’ve been hiding you, but a happenstance Google search for “authors like…..” brought up your name and others. I started with POWER PLAY, then VANISHED, and am now captivated with PARANOIA.
I’m a member of the JF fan club for certain, and just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your novels.
Keeping my hopes up for many more to come.
Warm regards, and God bless you
– Dr. Richard Laban

Dear Dr. Laban,
Thanks very much! Glad you found me; nobody’s been hiding me, but effective book publicity remains a mystery even to the people who do it full-time. If you liked Vanished, I hope you’ll check out Nick’s further adventures in BURIED SECRETS and GUILTY MINDS.
I really appreciate the kind words, and your taking the time to write.
Happy reading,
Joe Finder

Just wanted to drop a quick not to tell you how much I enjoyed GUILTY MINDS… Words can’t describe what a great feeling it is every time I get to the book store and see your name on a novel in the new fiction section. It was yet another awesome Nick Heller novel, keep them coming!
– Tim Stubblebine

Just finished GUILTY MINDS. Another great novel. It was a page turner all the way. Can hardly wait for the next Nick Heller book to come out. Keep up the fine writing, Joe.
Francis Carlin

Just read EXTRAORDINARY POWERS and I am now a devoted fan. The character Ben Ellison is unique with his mental abilities that are beautifully crafted into the ever evolving mystery and drama. Please write more books with this character because his uniqueness and rapid fire mind has created a hero who fascinate. Am now reading all of your books.
Thank you,
Carolyn Quinn

Dear Carolyn,
Thank you very much for writing — I’m always so pleased to hear from readers who have picked up one of my early books. It’s great to know that people are still discovering Ben Ellison, and that the story holds up. I had a great time with that character, but never wrote a sequel because I felt I’d put him through enough in EXTRAORDINARY POWERS. I’m three books into the Nick Heller series, and have discovered just how much fun it is to return to a character I know well. It’s not impossible that some characters from the earlier standalones might make cameos in future novels. You never know . . .
All the best,
Joe Finder

I recently finished GUILTY MINDS, and I just wanted to say I enjoyed it a lot. I am glad you are exploring Heller as a character more. He always has this itch he can’t scratch, and I love his perseverance. Will we possibly see Mandy again? She is a very interesting character, and her mystique and allure is something I can find Heller pining for and connecting with.
Keep up the great work,
Travis W. Gillison

Dear Travis,
Thanks for the kind words! I liked Mandy too, and it would be great to find a way to bring her back if I could figure out a role for her. That’s the next book, though. My head’s so full of the current one that I haven’t had much time to think about Nick Heller #4 yet. It’s good to know he has readers waiting for him.
All the best,

I’m sitting here trying to have a conversation with my wife, whom I don’t get to see all day, but can’t engage her into a repartee more meaningful than ” umm, a-ha ..” Why is that Joe? It’s because she can’t put your book down… Thanks a lot. Fantastic book. Probably one of your best IMHO. This would make a killer movie.
Best Regards,
Jay Breda

Ha — that’s great and/or terrible, Jay! Thank your wife for me, and thanks to you too. Glad you both enjoyed GUILTY MINDS, and I hope she’s finished it now so she can give you the attention you deserve.
All the best,

I just finished your new book this morning and loved it. At the end I read the acknowledgements and saw you had Bob Glover and Jim Trainum. Bob was my sergeant in Northeast DC in Trinidad when he first got promoted and he is the real deal. The only thing I can say about Jim is that he is a detective and a great one. Both were part of that small percentage of the department that did the work and did it right. I emailed Bob this morning and I see he is going to be ramrodding the next inauguration, may God help him (but if anyone is up to it, Bob is).
Bob Tupa (Lt. MPD, retired)

Thanks very much, Bob — glad to hear you liked the book. Bob Glover is a longtime source and a great guy, and Jim Trainum was a huge help on GUILTY MINDS.
I really appreciate the kind words, and your taking the time to write.
All the best,
Joe Finder

Not only do I thank you for being the great writer that you are but also for including a word that I did not know: demilune table. I found it is a very old word but new to me. I am always open to new words (to me). Actually, I had semi translated it with the Spanish I know and confirmed it with a Google search. My translation was “small moon” as “luna” in Spanish is moon. Next week the Bookmobile will probably bring me THE MOSCOW CLUB, THE ZERO HOUR, COMPANY MAN, POWER PLAY and BURIED SECRETS. That will complete your published fiction books. So I hope you will keep writing — I will be waiting.
Pauline Wilcox

I have read all of Joe Finder’s Books and cannot wait for the next one. I was up very late at night and finished his book in a day and a half… And I want you to know that I am madly in love with Nick Heller. He is terrific! Just keep on writing, please.
Shirley Frommer

I’m reading it right now – didn’t want to go to work. I’m so glad I got one of your bookplates. I’d not read your books before, but felt I had to since I had that bookplate. I’m glad I did – loving your work.
Donna Solove

I loved this 3rd Nick Heller book and I am hoping there will be a 4th edition down the road. Thanks for the great entertainment, Joe.
Martha Greer

Read GUILTY MINDS and thoroughly enjoyed it. Could not put it down. Good thing I am accustomed to not sleeping!
Howard Davis

I just finished your last book last week and as usual it was excellent. How very timely the plot and events were! I have been a devoted fan of your writing since finding your first book. Keep up the good work.
Christina Casale

Very good read. I have now read all your books except RED CARPET, and I am going to start that. Look forward to the next Nick Heller.
Marty Kerfoot

“I just wanted to say thank you for another great read! I thoroughly enjoyed GUILTY MINDS, as I knew I would. So glad to have Nick Heller back!”
– Michael Teasley

“My husband and I have just “discovered” you as an author and thoroughly enjoying you books. Thank you.”
– Kathleen and Peter Slater (Ajax Ontario)

“I literally just finished GUILTY MINDS. It. Was. Perfect. Thank you for a lovely weekend adventure with Nick.”
– Janice

Just finished GUILTY MINDS and loved it! You are one of a few authors to include Michael Connelly, John Grisham and Stephen King (eclectic like me) that I excitedly wait for new releases. I get up every morning at 5am and walk 2 miles with our puppy listening to audio books. Beside the incredible mountain scenery that’s a backdrop to our walk in North Scottsdale I get to thrill in the twists and turns of your fantastic story – it really takes me to another place and makes me look for excuses during the day to listen just a little bit more :). So glad to have discovered your writing and thought you might like to know how you make one person’s day a little bit better.
All the best,
Mike McCormick

Hi, Joe, love your books have read all but THE MOSCOW CLUB, haven’t found it, most I have read twice, was reading THE FIXER, then picked up THE ZERO HOUR again. Noticed the name, grabbed THE FIXER, thumbed through and found Alex Pappas again. Is he a friend? I thought this was good detecting for a 74 year old. Please keep the books coming.
Sincerely, Betty Williams.

Wow, Betty — very impressive! Yes, Alex Pappas is in both THE ZERO HOUR and THE FIXER. That was a deliberate callback, an Easter egg for my most devoted fans.
Thank you for reading so closely, and for taking the time to write! Hope you enjoy THE MOSCOW CLUB.
All the best,

Dear Joe,

I write so I always want to be talking books with writers and would be hanging out with them if I didn’t live in a village in Somerset (UK) where the local writers group is defunct and was itself a sitcom in any case. Lately I’d got out of the reading habit and it’s been terrible. Starting books, getting bored, switching on the TV instead. I got myself a copy of THE FIXER in the hope it wouldn’t end up on the top of the now wobbly pile upstairs. I read it in four days in easy sittings and really, really liked it. Thank you.

The reason I’m writing to you is because I did feel that your writing has entered a new groove. Has anyone else said this? There’s more confidence beneath the lines and it makes for a kind of supported read – like watching a singer you know isn’t going to falter.

If I still lived in Cambridge, Mass, I’d have attended your event. Encouraging children to enjoy stories is a wonderful thing.
Jane Kibbler

Dear Jane,
If only every one of my writing days started with an email like this. Thank you so much for the kind words, and for taking the time to write.  It’s great to hear that you see a new groove in my writing. There are days when I feel it too — “after 20 years, I’m finally getting the hang of this” — but tackling something the length of a novel is always a challenge, no matter how many times I do it. Every honest writer has days that feel like a grind, where we wonder whether this is the time it’s not going to work and we’re not going to be able to figure it out. It’s wonderful to know that readers are connecting with the words that come out of that process. I’m so grateful to you for letting me know.
Thanks again, and happy reading,
Joe Finder

I am seventy-five years old and have been reading since I discovered the school library in first grade. My favorite authors include Patterson, Cook, Barclay, King, both Kellermans, Thor, Eisler, Silva, Coben, Sandford, etc. As you can see, I like a good thriller.

I discovered your books by accident. I picked up a copy of COMPANY MAN at our local library book sale and read it in two days. I want a story that grabs me in the first chapter and doesn’t let go until the last page. Company Man did just that, with a vengeance. I checked out six more of your books on June 4, 2016 and have finished them all. All thrillers, but each one different. I never see the unexpected twist coming, but it is there and I love it!

When these books go back to the library on Monday, I will pick up five more, including GUILTY MINDS. I believe I will be caught up on your books. So, thank you and keep writing. You have a new fan and I will be watching for your next book.
Roberta Young

What a great story.  It must be music to your ears to read a book buyer loved your book so much they couldn’t put it down, and read late into the night.  What you will like even more is I read in bed to “switch my mind” off so I can sleep. It is my bedtime tranquilizer.  However, with your book, THE FIXER, that just didn’t work.  Thanks for a refreshingly intoxicating read.
Andrea Hodges

Dear Mr. Finder,
My husband and I drive to Arizona every year for the winter months and we look for good books on tape to keep us awake in Nebraska! What a dry spell we have had the last few long drives. Now we discovered VANISHED with your clever, strong and virtuous Nick Heller. We enjoy good thrillers but many writers today depend upon graphic violence and gratuitous sexual exploits to hold their reader’s (or listener’s) attention. How refreshing to find an intriguing, complex plot with intelligent characters. And Holter Graham, the narrator, did a terrific job reading your characters. Not only did we stay awake in Nebraska…we kept driving all the way to Chicago until midnight just to finish your book! We can’t wait to read or listen to more of your books. I was so glad to find your website with your email because the entire trip home, I kept thinking…..”I have to find a way to thank Joe for giving us the gift of such good writing. Thank you Joe!
By the way, do you ever come to Chicagoland to discuss your books? Barbara’s Bookstores and Anderson’s Bookstores are in the city and throughout the suburbs.
Warm Regards….
Carla Peer & Roger too

I am a new reader to your excellent novels (currently reading BURIED SECRETS) and love your writing style. Rich characters and rapidly moving story plot lines.
Joe Benson

Dear Mr. Finder,
I’m writing to you about a novel you wrote some time ago called HIGH CRIMES.
I’m an avid reader again but for about 20 years I took a hiatus. It helped my marriage unquestionably. So I’m sure I would have discovered you sooner otherwise. I don’t write to many of the authors I read, only the ones that I think are outstanding. And I only write to say one thing. Thank you for doing what you do and the way you do it. I tore through it and loved every thing about it. Absolutely a novel of the kind that makes me very happy to be an avid reader. Truly fantastic.
Now if I could just get my wife of almost 30 years to join me in enjoying a truly top notch read.
Michael Mulligan

Dear Mike,
Wow, what a great email! Thank you so much for the kind words, and for taking the time to write. I’m delighted that people are still discovering HIGH CRIMES. I’m also glad to hear that you’ve found a way to start reading again; good luck getting your wife to join you. Audiobooks can be an excellent gateway . . .
All the best,
Joe Finder

I have read 8 of your books and am just starting POWER PLAY. I have enjoyed every book. I feel a special connection to the stories because I lived in Waltham for the first 34 years of my life, and received 2 degrees from Framingham State. My wife was a librarian at Harvard Law. We moved to her hometown in West Virginia, long story, where I was a police officer for 24 years. So I usually know and have been to most places mentioned in your books in the Boston metro area. Also, I find myself thinking how I would conduct the criminal investigations that occur in your books, and what I would do to keep from getting arrested if I was the subject of the investigation. My public library is looking for and is going to buy a copy of RED CARPET. I thought you’d get a laugh from hearing that during my senior year of high school, my best friend and I went to Barney’s in Harvard Square and drank beer. We looked older and never got carded. We thought we were pretty special being able to get away with that.
Thanks for the many hours of great reading.
Ret. Lt. Steve Sickman

Dear Lt. Sickman,
Writing RED CARPET showed me, in many ways, that some stories work better as novels. If you read RED CARPET after you’ve read THE MOSCOW CLUB, you’ll see what I mean. But thanks again for the support, and for getting your library involved. It means so much to me, especially as I’m trying to finish the next book.
All the best,
Joe Finder

I’ve read several of your novels, and have enjoyed them all. I just read KILLER INSTINCT, and having had a career in Sales all of my adult life, I found it unusually accurate, in addition to being a great book overall; very well-written, suspenseful, and funny! I rarely send these, so thanks for the great read.
Brett Wallach

If everyone wrote like you, I’d read everyone! Thanks for including vegetarian and vegan characters without irony!
New Loyal Fan Syd Most

Thanks, Syd! I appreciate it. Since my own life includes vegetarian and vegan characters, it seems only right that my books do so as well . . .
All the best,
Joe Finder

First, a thank you for sending me a copy of THE FIXER. A former employee and a past president of ASCE both let me know that they had seen my name in the acknowledgements and that they loved the book. Since I don’t do much reading for pleasure, my wife was the first to read the novel after I brought it home. She couldn’t put it down, loved it and it is now on her book club’s list for this year. So, I figured I better get to it and start reading. Well, I found everyone was right, the book really kept my interest and I finished it in record time for me. Since my wife is in charge of selecting the films for our Netflix movie nights, she selected Paranoia for last week’s movie. We loved it! Now you have two new fans and it seems some long time loyal readers I knew. Just let me know if your future work involves the exciting world of engineering, design or construction. It really can get pretty intriguing. We are ready for more Joe Finder.
Best wishes,
John E. Durrant, P.E., F. ASCE

John, it’s so nice of you to write. I’m delighted you enjoyed THE FIXER, and I appreciate your taking the time to let me know. You were a big help to me in writing the book. I’m very grateful.
Working away on the next one now, which should be out in late spring 2016. I hope you’ll enjoy that one, too!
All the best,

I really enjoyed BURIED SECRETS and look forward to reading other of your books. Mainly I wanted to thank you for not using foul language. Too many of the authors today seem to believe they need to lace their books with filthy language and/or overly descriptive sex scenes. You have avoided that in BURIED SECRETS , and I am grateful.
Blessings, Harry Griffith

Dear Harry,
Thanks so much for the kind words, and for taking the time to write. I really appreciate the support. As for the language, well — some of my books use more bad language than others. But I try to be thoughtful about the words my characters use. A Russian gangster isn’t going to be as polite as, say, Nick Heller. The third Nick Heller, as yet untitled, is well underway. Look for it in stores next spring — hope you’ll enjoy it!
All the best,
Joe Finder

Hi Joe,
Don’t know whether you remember me – I was one of your FBI classmates.
We are here in Kauai on our annual sojourn and my wife spotted your name on a book exchange shelf. We grabbed your VANISHED and I started reading it yesterday and could not put it down until I was done – very entertaining! Just wanted to extend a note of appreciation. Will look for more of the Nick Heller series.
Great work – thanks,
Mark H.

I just finished THE FIXER … great story that I really enjoyed. My comment revolves around the medical references in the book. I am a nurse so I am very critical of authors who use medical references without doing their homework. This puts a damper on the book regardless of how good it was. You, sir, have done your homework!!! I loved the correct anatomical referenced, the FAST, the drug references and all the medical lingo!! Your brother was a wonderful reference for you!
I enjoy all of your writing. Keep up the good work!!
Penny Burnett

Dear Penny,
Thanks so much for the kind words, and for taking the time to write! Glad the medical references passed muster. It definitely comes in handy to have a doctor in the family.
I really appreciate the support, especially as I’m chipping away at the next Nick Heller novel. No title yet, but look for it in stores in late spring 2016.
All the best,
Joe Finder

“I read THE FIXER two weeks ago. Awesome job! I really enjoyed the story from beginning to end. I tried to pace myself but ended up diverting my time from a home remodeling job, which I would gladly do again by the way. Keep up the good work!”
Bob Reid

A short note to tell you how much your writing has meant to me over the years. I used to work in Moscow and Siberia during the early years following the collapse of Communism, during the g0-go days of privatization… I read THE MOSCOW CLUB and THE ZERO HOUR and I was hooked. I now research and write on wars and conflicts around the world. My favorite trips are ones where I find another of your works tucked into my bag… You are such an extraordinary talent…
James Randall Johnson

Dear James,
Thank you so much! Someone just pointed out to me yesterday that we’re coming up on the 25th anniversary of THE MOSCOW CLUB’s publication. On the one hand, it seems impossible that I’ve been a full-time writer for that long; on the other, I couldn’t have imagined how the events behind THE MOSCOW CLUB would play out in real life.
I really appreciate the kind words, and your taking the time to write, especially as I wrestle with the next Nick Heller book. (No official title yet, but stay tuned, and look for it in stores late next spring.)
All the best,

I read my first Joseph Finder book, THE FIXER, and I am hooked!!! Looking forward to reading the earlier books. Keep the great writing going!!!
Ina Roehr

“Because of you, I got no sleep last night. Finished the book at 4 in the morning and missed the Women’s Wimbledon final. Congratulations on a great book.”
Baird Standish

“I am so glad that the NY Times told me about you. I happened to read SUSPICION and the last one THE FIXER. Enjoyed both of them. Could not stop reading it. It was excellent.”
Shirley Frommer

“You haven’t written a book yet that I haven’t really, really liked! Keep the writing going….again can’t wait for the next one and I just finished reading this one!”
Janet Thomas

“Just want to say your terrific book THE FIXER was so captivating, that I finished it in two days. I found I was disappointed that there was no more Rick Hoffman to read about. Your writing has elevated to a new level of adventure series. We want to know more about your Justice-seeking hero and we feel that we were rewarded to see that the “real life crooks” can get caught…”
Sharon Snooks


“Just finished THE FIXER. It’s one of your best yet!”
Jay Breda


“Just discovered your books…. What a find! Loved THE FIXER, just started SUSPICION. I also enjoy the Boston locale. I wrote a humor column for the Boston Herald in the 1980’s for five years.”
Carol Dykstra


“I just read THE FIXER and I loved it!! I read it in on night and was sad that it ended! Looking forward to your next book!!!”
Joanne F.


“You have no idea how refreshing it is to read a book without the Russians bringing a nuclear warhead into the country or one jam packed with terrorists. THE FIXER was fun to read… a good old mystery. I loved it. Now… how the heck are you going to teach me the hand and finger “trick”???????”
Chuck Lowe


“The Fix is in THE FIXER. So much fun. You made me laugh and also think about the folks I know around Boston.”
Barry Gordon

“I really enjoyed THE FIXER! It grabbed me from the first chapter, and you didn’t waste any time building tension and keeping the pace of the story brisk. As a long time fan, I definitely was not disappointed. Thanks for another great novel.”
Travis Gillison

I wanted to congratulate you on your new book. I thoroughly enjoyed the read. Loved the characters and how you weaved into the book so many local (Boston) references. Looks like another “bestseller”. Can’t wait for your next book.
Bob M.

Dear Bob,
It’s great to hear from you — thanks very much for the kind words, and for taking the time to write. I’m so glad you enjoyed THE FIXER. People ask me why I write about Boston, but I always think that’s the wrong question: why would I write about any place else?
All the best,

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed SUSPICION, another terrific story. I have read all of your books and loved every one. I have mentioned before I think that I got my two nephews aged 21 and 28 reading your books and they have loved them. I Look forward to your next book which I know is going to be another fantastic read.
Thanks very much.

Dear Marnie,
Thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words, and your taking the time to write — and thank your nephews for me, too!
Best wishes,

Hi Joe,
Having never written an author before, I thought it most important to say that today I started retirement and have started with a fresh copy of Power Play from the Strand Book store. I know by reading the list of your other books, that I will put them on my Must Read List. As a former Investment Banker which financed many Studios and thei annual film slates in the Capital Markets, I am looking forward to seeing how a master does it …from content to a great screenplay. I will send you my Bravos in June when your new novel comes out then. I am sure your Russian knowledge is most helpful to global readers trying to understand the new Soviet platform.
Cheers, Greg S.

Dear Greg,
Thank you so much — that’s by far the most flattering email I’ve gotten in a while. I’m delighted that you enjoyed POWER PLAY, and I hope you’ll like THE FIXER just as much. Congratulations on your retirement, and may all the books you read be good ones.
All the best,

Just a short acknowledgement of my appreciation for your writing style and full character descriptions… I find myself buying and reading as many of your books as I can.

Hi Joe,
I just discovered your books recently and enjoying them immensely. I think I have all of them but the new one but have only read a couple of them. I’m looking forward to reading the rest. I am putting you up there with Baldacci, Grippando, Meltzer and Sanford. Keep up the good work! Can you confirm that the screenwriter and director of ‘Paranoia’ never read the book? I’m assuming that they started to hear a synopsis of the story and said “Don’t tell us the ending. We’ll take it from there.” I had this conversation with Michael Connelly about ‘Blood Work’ and how he felt about them butchering his book’s ending for the film. I finished reading ‘Blood Work’ and said to myself that this would make a great movie as it had a good surprise ending. I saw the film and almost cried. Fortunately, Clint Eastwood did better with Dennis LeHane’s ‘Mystic River’. I guess he figured that he couldn’t make a better ending for the story. Well, I guess you sell the rights to Hollywood and take a chance that they will see the excellence of your story and bring it faithfully to the screen. This quote probably sums it up, “Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown. ” Thank you for the many hours of pleasure.
Scott G.

Dear Scott,
Thanks very much for your email, and thanks for the kind words about PARANOIA and the other books. The movie . . . well, the movie is the movie and the book is the book, and that’s always the way. I can tell you that the movie was in development for several years, and that two different screenwriters wrote two different takes on the adaptation. (In general, it’s rarely a good sign when you see two screenwriters credited separately, not as a writing team.) I talked to both of them during the process, and made myself available, and visited the set as a guest. My biggest hope was that the movie would send people back to the book, and I think that did happen — so from my point of view, it’s all good.
Hope you enjoy THE FIXER, later this year.
Best wishes,
Joe Finder

What a great book SUSPICION is, as are ALL your books. Now I see there is another one about to come out in June! I will certainly be looking for it at my library. Keep up the great writing!
Gail P.

Where the heck have I been on your fan-damn-tastic engrossing, enticing and exciting work? I started reading SUSPICION at end of LA to Tokyo flight, transfixed, and it is now 1:28 in the morning here just completed. I want more. more. MORE! What a stunning, visual, all senses in novel. And is there another book ever that has references to Karen Black and Ray Lamontagne?… Thanks much Joe, or domo arigato, as I go to bed now with so much to think about.
Tim C.

Just finished reading SUSPICION, thus rounding out the entire collection of your books. I am at a loss now! What am I going to read! Just kidding, but wanted to say thanks again for your great stories. They keep one reading chapter after chapter!
Dana H.

Just completed SUSPICION: in 2 days. Would have completed sooner but I had to go to work in between reading. What a great read!! I felt as if I were back in Boston and and walking along with Danny.You are so very talented- please say you are working on your next book.
BTW- if you and Lee (Child) are still looking for the best burger- visit the East coast of South Florida- and go to Hurricane’s!
Go Sox!
Carol B.

Dear Carol,
Thank you so much! I am indeed working on the next book — just taking a break from it to answer email, in fact. It’s great to get emails like yours as I’m working on the next one.
Thanks for the Hurricane’s recommendation. Yes, that search continues…
Go Sox!

I like Nick Heller. Big fan of Baldacci and Flynn. You’re in their league. What does the future hold for Nick Heller? Great work. Don’t stop! Fan of the genre and you are doing a great job.
Keep writing. Hungry for more Heller!

Thanks so much, Mike! The book I’m finishing now is another standalone, but I set the third Nick Heller novel aside to write SUSPICION, and I’m hoping to get back to it sooner rather than later. I’ll know more after I finish the current work-in-progress, so stay tuned. In the meantime, have you read the Heller/Reacher story in FACEOFF?
All the best,
Joe Finder


Thank you so much for coming by Fort Knox to sign books. I have no aspirations as a writer but I do find pleasure in reading. I also find pleasure in knowing that there are professional Americans that still support the troops, regardless of wars that we are instructed to fight. I have been in the army 2 weeks shy of ten years and I’m getting out on Friday. That book signing was impeccable timing for me. You have given me hope in America again sir and for that I thank you.
Christopher O.

Hello Joe, I’ve just turned the last page on your new thriller and I loved the wild twists in your story. The last third of the book really drove it home for me. I liked Daniel, and Dr. Mendoza, if given enough time, just might bring a nightmare or two. Good job!
Best, Curt J.

I finished SUSPICION a couple of days ago. LOVED it! I especially liked that this story had a good amount of closure, but could be explored further in the future (should you decide to do so).
I’m sure you were researching and writing long before El Chapo was captured, but I’m guessing that provided some inspiration for ideas?
I wish you the best.
Always a fan,
Travis W.G.

Dear Travis,
Thanks very much for the kind words, and for taking the time to write!
Yes, El Chapo was still at large while I was writing, but he and his rivals gave me plenty of raw material for my story. Sad to say, whatever bad guys I come up with, the real world manages to produce scarier ones.
I really appreciate your getting in touch. Spread the word about SUSPICION, will you?
All the best,

Dear Joe,
I am on page 320, and your thriller robbed me of my sleep! I am the librarian of our small rural library, so I took the liberty of taking our new novel home for the weekend for a “preview”—your book does not disappoint! I’m totally enjoying it, and I would like nothing better than to just sit outside and enjoy reading it like I did last night AFTER I wrote for our local newspaper.
Keep up the good work, and THANK YOU for helping me keep our locals excited about READING.
Excellent! And I have faith in the ending. The story WILL work out, right???!!!
Diana M.

Aw, Diana, thank you so much! Sorry I cost you sleep. And I don’t want to give too much away, but yes, in my books, the good guys generally come out all right. The question is, of course, who ARE the good guys?
I really appreciate your taking the time to write.
All the best,

The minute I read the word DEFENDER in Vanished you moved to the top of my author list. My favorite vehicle and what I use in Botswana for the African side of my life. Please tell me you actually own one!! Are a member of the Defender world, something…there is nothing like them.
Roberta P.

Dear Roberta,
I absolutely do own one! And guess what the license plate is…

Always glad to meet another Defender fan — thanks for writing, and for reading my books!
Best wishes,

Dear Joe,
I am a longtime fan of your books (I think POWER PLAY is still my favorite.. absolutely love the corporate retreat setting, and Jake was a brilliant character. Ali was wonderful, too). Looking forward to SUSPICION!
Anyway, I was just looking for something to watch on Netflix and noticed “Paranoia,” and I thought… wow, is that based on Joseph Finder’s book? I got so happy for you, because I think many of your books would make great movies, and I can imagine how exciting it must’ve been when you got the news. Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman! That’s just amazing.
So then I did a search for the movie because I wanted to see if it was, in fact, based on your book (Netflix didn’t say). And I found the Wikipedia entry, which says… not nice things. 🙁
That’s why I decided to write to you. It probably seems really strange and random, since I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but I feel so bad that the critics didn’t like it. Of course, authors don’t have much, if any, control over how movies based on their books turn out — so that probably wasn’t fun for you.
Well, I’m going to watch the movie anyway, and I hope that the Powers That Be decide to make another of your books into a movie (POWER PLAY would be great!). However, it’s true what they say (especially in your case) — the book is always better than the movie ever could be. 🙂
Thanks for writing such fantastic stories!
All best,
Sonya V.

Dear Sonya,
Thanks so much for the kind words, and for taking the time to write. I hope you enjoy the film version of “Paranoia.” I did, but it does make some major changes from the book, especially in the character of Adam’s father. It’s always a roll of the dice to sell one’s book to the movies; the main thing I care about is whether it brings people back to the book. PARANOIA, the book, got a new edition and some extra attention because of the movie — and if people say, “But the book was so much better!”, well, I don’t mind that at all.
Joe Finder

We just discovered you and have been reading your books. I just completed Company Man, and lived in Michigan for many years. During that time I was a facilities director and worked with Steelcase, Haworth and Herman Miller on projects. I knew some of the names in Acknowledgements, including Jim Hackett. Fine book!
Doug A.

Dear Doug,
Thanks very much for the kind words! I really enjoyed researching COMPANY MAN, and all those people were great to me. (Of course, none of the characters in the book is based on any real person.) Glad the book worked for you. I hope you’ll enjoy my next one, SUSPICION.
All the best,
Joe Finder

I am an avid reader of Connelly, Cornwell, Patterson, etc. I had never heard of you before, but a friend passed along the novel PARANOIA to me. Well, I just finished the novel last night and all I can say is you are ‘all of the above’ and more. I have never been as stuck in a book as I have been with yours. Thank you for the incredible brilliance of your work – now, I must get out there and find more of ‘you’.
Carla C.

Dear Carla,
Thank you so much for the kind words, and for taking the time to write. Authors aren’t supposed to have favorites among their own books, but PARANOIA will always be special to me. If you liked that book, I think you’ll enjoy the Nick Heller novels — VANISHED and BURIED SECRETS — and the book that’s coming in May, SUSPICION, which might be my new favorite.
Best wishes for a happy 2014,
Joe Finder

I wanted to compliment you on your short story in THE MYSTERY BOX….excellent, excellent, excellent. The very best one in there, because you are the best.

Dear Joymarie,
What a great email to start my day. Thank you so much; I’m delighted you liked that story! As you know, I don’t write them often, so it’s wonderful to hear that I got it right. Hope you’ll enjoy the two in next year’s collections, ICE COLD (coming in April) and FACEOFF (which I wrote with Lee Child).
All the best,

OMG!! Am reading THE MOSCOW CLUB and simply cannot put it down—have done virtually nothing except read for the last day!! Can’t wait to get the next book!! Thank you!!

Joe, you made my day! I cannot wait to get my hands on the new book.
Nancy S.

Thank you for the hours of enjoyment you have provided and I look forward to more hours of enjoyment with each of your new books.
Linda F.

I’m a huge fan of yours. I discovered POWER PLAY, my first Finder book in 2008 at the Tel Aviv airport in Israel. Since, I’ve been hooked.
Jeremy L.

I’ve been reading since before I started preschool. A shy, introverted child, books were my escape…my alternate reality. My love of the arts knows no bounds; from the written word to dance and musical theatre, books have inspired me explore myself artistically and, in turn, become the woman I am today. PARANOIA was the first book of yours that I read and I was hooked, enthralled, impressed…to say the very least. Imagine my surprise when two different tweets of mine (@Love_Kaity) were responded to by none other than @JoeFinder! Thank you. Not only has your body of work quickly become one of my absolute favorites, but you made me feel relevant as a sincere fan. My appreciation for your writing being acknowledged meant the world to me! I hope that someday I get the chance to meet you and acquire your autograph so I can proudly display it! I so appreciate your humility towards your fans and I will always read and recommend your books! You’ve won me over not only as a reader, but as a kindred spirit who loves to share their art with others.
Thank you, again, and congratulations on the “Paranoia” movie! I saw it coming from the moment I picked up the book!
Kait H.

Dear Kait,
What a lovely note. I’m very touched to hear that PARANOIA connected with you — an author isn’t supposed to have favorites among his own books, but PARANOIA has a special place in my heart. Thanks very much for the kind words, and for taking the time to write.
Twitter’s a writer’s best friend and worst enemy — it’s the equivalent of an online break room for me, since I work alone, and I’d spend all day there if I let myself. Glad to connect with you there, and thanks for reaching out!
All the best,
Joe Finder

Hi, just finished your FIRST book, THE MOSCOW CLUB – have read some of the later ones but never this one – and it was GREAT!!! The last 200 pages I couldn’t put it down – just kept reading and reading and reading… Great story – thanks for reprinting it – now I have to get EXTRAORDINARY POWERS and read it too. Many blessings.

Dear Paula,
Thanks very much for taking the time to write! It’s great to hear that THE MOSCOW CLUB stands up, after so many years, and it’s been exciting for me to have it back in print. So glad you enjoyed, and I really appreciate your letting me know.
Hope you like EXTRAORDINARY POWERS just as much!
Very best wishes,

Please write more novels. I am almost finished reading all the ones you have in print. I don’t like Kindle. I found you accidentally and love your dry since of humor mixed with your serious thriller story. I’m sure you hear this a lot – but I just love the way you write – better than Patterson, Graham, Glass, Gardner, Jackson and even Stuart Woods. It’s your humor that makes you terrific.
Sandra S.

Dear Sandra,
Thanks so much – that’s high praise indeed! Finishing the next book now, which is a standalone, and then I plan to get back to Nick Heller. As soon as I have any information about when the next book will be out, I’ll announce it everywhere (newsletter, Facebook, Twitter). It means a lot to me to know that you’re waiting for it.
All the best,
Joe Finder

Joe, met Brad Meltzer at his signing the other day and asked him about your tour together visiting our troops (thanks for doing that by the way)…asked about you and he said you were great. He does a great Finder by the way, has your mannerisms down pat…he wanted me to remind you to just say NO when asked if you have a knife at a check point. Thanks again for all you do and will see you at your next signing in DC area.
Jim T.
HA! Mannerisms? What mannerisms? He does me, seriously? I’ll have to work on my own Meltzer imitation. Thanks for thinking of me, and I hope to get back to DC soon. Got to finish this book first —
Best wishes,

Thank you for giving me a reason to get rid of cablevision. I really appreciatre your wonderful books. My husband and I are great fans and often share your books between us and then have fun discussion the plots.
Patricia W.

Dear Patty,
Wow, that’s high praise! There’s great stuff on cable… thanks so much for the kind words, and for taking the time to write. Hope you like the book I’m working on now just as much. It’s too early to say much about it, but the newsletter will have information as soon as it’s ready.
Hope the winter’s treating you well, and that 2013 is off to a good start. Happy reading!
Best wishes,
Joe Finder

I just completed THE MOSCOW CLUB, what a great read. I’ve been a big fan of Robert Ludlum over the years, it was only by fluke that I picked up your book. I am now a fan. Can’t wait to read another one of your books. Which one do you recommend I read next?
Barry K.

Dear Barry,
Thanks very much, that’s always great to hear. I had the honor of knowing Ludlum, and comparison with him is high praise. I usually tell people new to my work to start with PARANOIA, which is actually being adapted for the movies (due in theaters in October). Or you might like my two Nick Heller thrillers, VANISHED and BURIED SECRETS. Hope you enjoy them!
Best wishes,
Joe Finder

Once again, I absolutely have to thank you for the Christmas card and for the reminder that there are successful people out there who are the kinds of people we’d like to have living next door. In your case, we would worry a bit about the diabolical mind you harbor within. Thank you, too, for the donation to Wounded Warriors. This is (as a military brat) an organization dear to my heart.
Iris M.

Dear Iris,
Glad the card arrived in plenty of time, and it’s my privilege to support the Wounded Warriors Project. Thanks for your support, and best wishes for the new year!

Just want you to know that not only are you my favorite author, you are now my favorite human being for the USO visit you made to our troops. You are right. They are just “kids” defending our country and going through things that you and I sitting in our cushy homes can’t even fathom. I commend you for your unselfishness and thank you for doing something that I, much to my chagrin, am really too old to do. But I do support the Wounded Warrior Project. Thank you Joe. I might never win one of your contests but you have won my heart for doing this great thing…supporting our troops.
Best regards, Christine A.

Dear Christine,
Thank you so much — but I’m not kidding when I say it was a tremendous honor to be asked, and it was both one of the greatest adventures of my life as well as being one of the most moving experiences. I am the net beneficiary of that trip, without a doubt.
Best wishes to you and your family for a joyful holiday season, and thanks for your support

Dear Joe,
That is a tremendous and courageous thing to do — going over and showing support for our Servicemen and women where they live & work. I definitely commend you on that brave endeavour; taking your own time to travel so far! I’m sure the experience will live with you always.
Hope this finds you safely back at home for your own Holidays!
Merry, merry!
your fan,
Dirk W.

Dear Dirk,
It was an honor to be asked, and the adventure of a lifetime, as well as being tremendously moving. You’re right, I’ll never forget it. Thanks for the kind words, and for taking the time to write – hope you enjoy the books!
Best wishes,

Thank you for visiting our troops.
Richard R.

Thank you for supporting our troops! Loved the pictures. My brother was a fireman in Vietnam. He did tell me about the suit he had to wear. It didn’t look too comfortable. t wasn’t, was it?
Have a wonderful holiday season.
Write on! I love your books.
Phyllis M.
Dear Phyllis,
That suit was like wearing a personal sauna, in temperatures that were already above 90 degrees. Can’t imagine how they work in them for any length of time!
Thanks very much for the kind words, and for taking the time to write. Happiest of holidays to you and yours.



I hope you are well. I read PARANOIA a few years ago and loved it a great deal, since then my reading habits have meandered through various genres and authors. Recently after a huge Asimov kick, I read PARANOIA again and then began reading the rest of your work.
I am in South Korea and I have been able to find or get delivered most of your books here, however BURIED SECRETS is proving difficult to get hold of. I’ll be able to find a way eventually I hope. Most delivery websites don’t make it all the way out to Korea. I end up trawling through used bookstores and the like.
I just wanted to let you know that your thrilling novels are being enjoyed in a tiny corner of Seoul, South Korea.

Dear A.S.,
Thanks very much for the kind words, and for taking the time to write. Glad to hear you liked PARANOIA – authors aren’t supposed to have favorites among their own books (like parents with kids), but I admit I’m especially fond of that one.
What took you to South Korea? Sorry you’re having trouble tracking down BURIED SECRETS. I’ve asked around, and it sounds like even Amazon needs a second-party shipper… if I come up with any better ideas or suggestions, I’ll pass them along.
Best wishes, and thanks again —