Looking for a great writer!


A friend of mine, a legendary Harvard Law School professor, is defending a college student in a fascinating, landmark legal case against the copyright industry and the music industry. This is a story that, in the right hands, can become a book (and a movie) along the lines of A CIVIL ACTION (meets BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE/”21″). He needs a writer, preferably in the Boston area (or who visits Boston often), with the skills of a journalist, who can be a fly on the wall in the courtroom and in the dorm, who has a sense of humor and a narrative flair and the ability to explain complicated internet technology in simple accessible language — but most of all, who knows how to tell a story. Ideally, this project would start as a blog, then turn into a work of narrative nonfiction (a book for a wide readership) and then perhaps a movie. If you think you have this skill set and you’re interested, please email me at [email protected], pointing to what you’ve done. Thanks,