Podcasting: The Next Best Thing to Being There?


The BURIED SECRETS tour starts on Tuesday, June 21 with a launch event at Brookline Booksmith at 7:00 p.m. This will be followed by launch events in New York and the Washington, DC area as well as readings and talks in Newburyport, MA and Westport, CT. It’s a pretty short tour, and I’m sorry to say it leaves out most of the country. I’ll miss seeing friends in California, in Texas, in Georgia, in Florida, in Chicago . . . well, you get the idea.

I was trying to think of ways to reach readers I won’t see on book tour when Aanarav Sareen, who produces online audio content, suggested I do a series of podcasts. Podcasts, for those unfamiliar with the concept (as I was), are audio or video digital media files that are released episodically. I’ve since learned from my tech-savvier friends that they’re great ways to catch up with radio shows, in particular; the BBC and NPR both have a wide range of podcast selections.

I recorded five podcasts with Aanarav, to be released between now and June 21. The first two are already available through iTunes; you can download them and subscribe to coming episodes here. Taken together, the podcasts include a lot of material I’d discuss at a book tour appearance: my own background as a writer, the origins of Nick Heller and the concept of the “private spy,” the joys and perils of research, and more.

The one piece of the touring experience the podcasts can’t duplicate is the question-and-answer session that follows my talk. So I hope you’ll subscribe to the podcasts, but once you’ve listened, if you have questions, please post them to my Facebook fan page.

And if you do live in or near any of the cities I’ll be visiting, I hope you’ll still come to the events. I have many more stories to tell!