For Joe and the Books

”A master of the modern thriller.”
—Boston Globe

”The king of “the hook” in writing style. This talented author can grab a reader’s interest quicker and more securely with his first few pages than anyone else writing today. ”
—The Huffington Post

“A storytelling maestro.”
—Providence Journal

”The master of a complex suspense formula.”
—The New York Times

”Joseph Finder catapults himself into the front ranks of contemporary writers.”
—Harlan Coben, bestselling author

”Finder firmly joins the elite group of today’s outstanding thriller writers.”

”Joseph Finder has clearly found his stride, moving confidently into the upper echelon of thriller/mystery writers working today.”
—Boston Globe

“Joseph Finder is the king of the conspirator authors.”
—Crimespree Magazine

“Once again Finder illustrates how he knows the value of careful construction, exhaustive research, good writing and characterization that all adds up to quite a fast read.”

“If Jack Reacher met Nick Heller in a dark alley, my money’s on Reacher. But it would be ugly. Or would it? Actually, I think they’d go for a beer together and set the world to rights—because Joseph Finder has given me a terrific new hero to root for. This is an action-packed, full-throttle, buy-it-today-read-it-tonight series that you definitely shouldn’t miss.”
—Lee Child, bestselling author of the Jack Reacher novels

”A master when it comes to creating tension.”
—Crime Time (UK)

”Finder makes the pages fun to turn.”
—Conde Nast Portfolio

”Finder…brings an authoritative-seeming knowledge of trade-craft to his fast-paced, first-person tale of techno-espionage.”
—The Wall Street Journal

”Knows his spy stuff — and has researched well the ins and outs of post-Enron corporate security.”
—Boston Globe

”A master storyteller.”
—Topeka Capital-Journal

”As good as Robert Ludlum at his best.”
—Boston Sunday Globe

”Fans of Robert Ludlum will love Finder.”
—Orlando Sentinel

”Finder writes a special brand of business-world thriller one might call Dilbert noir.”

”Finder remains the CEO of the corporate thriller.”
—Library Journal

”An exceptionally gifted writer and a master storyteller.”
—Nelson DeMille, bestselling author

”Joseph Finder is a talented storyteller with thrilling action in all of his books.”

”Joseph Finder excels in keeping the reader guessing until the last sentence, literally.”
—Dallas Morning News

”Few writers have Joe Finder’s spectacular talent to turn the most ordinary life into a riveting story of suspense and terror. Open one of his books and you won’t be closing it until the last page is turned.”
—James Rollins, bestselling author of the Sigma Force series

”Finder is acclaimed as the writer who brought suspense into the world of business and finance—doing for executives what John Grisham did for lawyers—making them three-dimensional, villainous and not a little scary.”
—Daily Mail (UK)

”Joseph Finder has clearly found his stride, moving confidently into the upper echelon of thriller/mystery writers working today.”
—Boston Globe

“Joseph Finder is perhaps the lead player in the corporate thriller genre… Keeps the pages turning.”
—The New York Times Book Review

”At long last someone has done for executives what John Grisham did for lawyers: create fictional ones sufficiently three-dimensional to care about.”

”There’s a new John Grisham in town.”
—People Magazine

”The corporate thriller just got an upgrade.”
—USA Today

Praise for the Books


“Great characterization, heart-stopping chase scenes, a plot that never flags—and even a few fascinating facts about coffee sourcing. Finder may well be the best contemporary thriller writer going.”
—Booklist, starred review

“The book whizzes by so quickly and suspensefully… A master of what might be called the ‘man in over his head’ thriller, Finder delivers a tense, uncannily relevant tale about government secrets falling into the wrong hands… Seemingly ripped from recent headlines, Finder’s latest is one of his most fiendishly plotted and eerily relevant thrillers.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Finder once again shows his knack for crafting an engaging thriller.”
—Publishers Weekly

“The perfect summer read.”
—Library Journal

“Lies, leaks and threats to our liberties: A new thriller captures the moment… strikes the right tone.”
—Washington Post

“Perfect for fans of “The Fugitive.””
—Boston Globe

“THE SWITCH is a dazzling political thriller, a kind of “Advise and Consent” postmodernized for the 24/7 news cycle world. Perfectly timed and wondrously prescient, this is summer reading of the highest order.”
—Providence Journal

“[An] of-the-moment political saga.”
—Entertainment Weekly

“If Alfred Hitchcock were alive and working today, this is the kind of story he would direct.”
—Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“Joseph Finder is the king of the conspirator authors… This plot is extremely suspenseful with many twists and turns.”
—Crimespree Magazine

“THE SWITCH is a timely thriller that wastes little time sucking readers in and taking them on a suspense-fueled thrill ride. Proving once again to be the master of conspiracies, Joseph Finder delivers another solid thriller that will keep readers guessing until the very end.”
—The Real Book Spy

“A fast-paced thriller and Finder at his best… THE SWITCH is a great page-turner.”
—Mystery Tribune

“A high-octane thrill ride from beginning to end. The timeliness of the premise and the overall sense of paranoia that permeates its pages are sure to resonate… The inside intel on the coffee trade is merely sweetener to a literary libation, boldly served.”
—Criminal Element

“I started the first chapter, and I was hooked. See if you can show more restraint with Joseph Finder’s THE SWITCH, in which picking up the wrong laptop at airport security ensnares a Boston coffee maven in high-level intrigue.”
—WBUR’s The ARTery

“One of the reasons Joseph Finder is one of my favorite authors is his ability to write characters that readers can relate to. Once a reader is connected – the words on the page come alive for them.”
—Book Referees

“Finder takes a random mixup that could happen to any of us and spins it into a nail-biting nightmare.”
—Linwood Barclay, internationally bestselling author

“[A] story that is impossible to put down for any reason and is as memorable as anything the author has ever written…. THE SWITCH is a serious book (and a timely one) that never takes itself too seriously. ”


“An exciting, insightful thriller with finely sketched characters . . . Finder really knows his way around a thriller, and his sensibilities about Washington, scandal, and the immediacy–and threat–of digital publishing and electronic surveillance seem chillingly plausible.”
—Booklist, Starred Review

“Finder shows off his top-notch storytelling skills, moving with ease from high places to low in the nation’s capital.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Nick Heller is back with a vengeance in GUILTY MINDS, the latest potboiler from Joseph Finder that’s as gritty as it is great… GUILTY MINDS may well be the first postmodern political thriller, putting an entirely new spin on similar treatments given by David Baldacci and John Grisham. Finder goes both of them one better in setting Heller (Jack Reacher with a portfolio instead of a toothbrush) to sort through the muddled morass unleashed by the 24/7 news cycle. A perfect summer read. ”
—Providence Journal

“In Thriller Award–winner Finder’s lively third Nick Heller novel… a tight plot, sharp dialogue, and a cast of intriguing characters keep the story a cut above the genre pack.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Finder is one of the best contemporary thriller writers and the new one is a terrific tale involving an attempt by an Internet scandal website to trash the reputation of the chief justice of the Supreme Court.”
—Connecticut Post

“Nick Heller is a breath of fresh air in the world of private investigators as he will go to any lengths to succeed for his clients. His background and skills are an asset, making him almost a superhero… GUILTY MINDS is a compelling thriller.”
—Associated Press

“No more is Joseph Finder’s name to be intoned in adulatory whispers among admirers… His books meld ruthlessly orchestrated suspense with sharp characterization.”
—Financial Times

“Finder’s prose is lean, the pacing swift and agile, and the plot well worth gossiping about.”
—Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Smooth and polished — and classy enough for troubled characters to pause and make a big deal about the relative merits of rye whiskeys like Old Overholt and WhistlePig.”
—New York Times

“Fans will welcome Heller back and first-time readers won’t be disappointed with this fast-paced roller-coaster.”
—The Florida Times-Union

“A blistering tale of deceit, corruption, and power… Finder offers everything you could possibly want, including action, politics, spy-like elements, and an exciting mystery…. Nick Heller is a great character, and GUILTY MINDS is one of the best books I’ve read so far this year.”
—The REAL Book Spy

“Joseph Finder’s crackerjack thriller GUILTY MINDS captivates with the kind of adrenaline rush one would get in a racecar driven by an expert who knows how to maneuver sharp twists and turns for maximum excitement.”
—Shelf Awareness

“This latest installment in the Nick Heller series hits on all eight cylinders from page one to its very last paragraph … Finder has done a masterful job… Those who enjoy detective novels and/or political thrillers will find much to love here.”

“GUILTY MINDS excites and intrigues, and is the kind of book that can be digested in a single sitting. If Finder’s not already on your reading list, GUILTY MINDS demonstrates what the author has to offer: page-turning excellence.”
—Simon McDonald (Reader, Writer, Bookseller)

“Joseph Finder has once again provided his readers with a first-rate crime thriller… he knows the value of careful construction, exhaustive research, good writing and characterization that all adds up to quite a fast read.”

“Everyone’s favorite private spy, Nick Heller, is back… Smooth prose, good action, well-paced, and just a fun story. A real pleasure to read from beginning to end.”
—The Irresponsible Reader

“Solid, good, entertaining read.”
—Just Talking Books

“GUILTY MINDS is a fun, fast-paced, and suspenseful read for fans of “House of Cards” or “Scandal.””
—Everyday eBook

“Suspenseful, surprising, and humane.”
—Hallie Ephron, bestselling author

“A high-octane thriller melding mystery, murder, politics, and the awesome power of technology in our hyper-connected world.”
—Mark Rubinstein, author

“Ingeniously plotted, furiously paced, written in the same style that has made him a book lover’s top-notch thriller writer, and twists and turns that will grab every reader… Joseph Finder produces one of his finest thrillers to date, and perhaps the thriller of the season.”
—A Journey Without Map

“Some scandals never die and some minds will always be guilty when dealing with the public. One more five star golden star review for author Joseph Finder and Nick Heller. Guilty Minds: Throughout the novel there are many!”
—Just Reviews


“If you’re in the mood for tense, witty angst … THE FIXER is the way to go.”
—New York Times Book Review

“A thriller that is as much about redemption as it is about escape. A remarkable exciting read.”
—Booklist, starred review

“So many surprises, this book is a definite page-turner and a whole lot of fun to read. A thriller that will keep you up late to find out what will happen next. 5 Stars for this one!”
—Suspense Magazine

“Nonstop page-turner…”
—Library Journal

“A lively page-turner with smart, tight dialogue.”
—Houston Chronicle

“A gripping novel beginning with an inadvertent discovery resulting in consequences far beyond the protagonist’s (and reader’s) wildest imaginings.”
—Huffington Post

“The real magic at work here is Finder’s knack in casting a spell that makes us as eager as the narrator to uncover the truth. And he steers us through the final, wild events with an unfaltering hand…”

“Right from the opening pages this book is a real page-turner… THE FIXER blends suspense with a captivating and thrilling plot.”
—Crimespree Magazine

“Finder crafts tales that force his characters to step outside their comfort zone and confront their fears if they are to find solace… Finder brings a surprising angle to the story and has crafted another worthwhile novel.”
—Associated Press

“THE FIXER is one of Joseph Finder’s most complex yet straightforward books. It also contains some of his best writing… Chalk up another winner.”

“Engaging, easy and quick reading, along with a practiced blending of action and dialogue.”
—My San Antonio

“There’s a wondrous noir aspect to THE FIXER… Finder moves from action to psychological thriller… and remains a storytelling maestro whose latest hits all the right notes.”
—Providence Journal

“A tense, fast-moving thriller.”
—The Washington Times

“Rick is a great protagonist who never takes himself too seriously… deft work by a skilled writer.”
—The Pregress-Index

“Joseph Finder is extremely reliable when it comes to perfect summer reading. I’ve now read eight of his books, and none of them has failed to entertain me… Great narrative… keeps the pages turning.”
—Collateral Bloggage

“A fast-paced thriller… tense and exciting ride.”
—Winnipeg Free Press


“An irresistible page-turner….the plot is so smartly put together, expertly paced and unpredictable…another winner from Finder, who, as ever, builds suspense without a shred of overstatement.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Finder fans as well as devotees of action-packed suspense have a great read ahead. The taut pacing, staccato chapters, and ingenious plot, especially Finder’s characteristically creative use of digital surveillance techniques, guarantee a literary thrill ride.”
—Library Journal (starred review)

“SUSPICION is arguably Joseph Finder’s best novel to date, and he’s one of the best thriller writers in the business. He’s a master at making the reader feel every emotion, jump at every shock and squirm with every twist that Danny must overcome.”
—Associated Press

“Perfectly timed for summer beach reading season, Joseph Finder’s new novel, SUSPICION, once again demonstrates his mastery of the paranoid thriller….It’s wonderful to see one of our best thriller writers at the top of his game. Lots of readers are going to have lots of fun with SUSPICION this summer.”
—Connecticut Post

“Finder twists the plot to reveal secrets within secrets and dangers within dangers… when you’re caught within the propulsive pages of a neatly constructed novel you pretty much just give yourself over to it.”
—Boston Globe

“Mesmerizing…one of the very best thrillers of the year.”
—Providence Journal

“If you have to get sick, I recommend timing it to coincide with the release of a new Joseph Finder novel. I gobble them up like glowing Pac-Man pellets.”
—Chicago Tribune

“A lean, crisp thriller—a zipping Jaguar of a ride… Finder has a satirist’s sense when discussing teen snobbery and the exurban rat race, and his spare, laminated style is several cuts above that of most thrillers.”
—Publishers Weekly

“This plot is charged with electricity, and causes the reader to change allegiances many times before the last words come to pass. A true genius wordsmith, this is one author who has created solid suspense gold.”
—Suspense Magazine

“SUSPICION is an engrossing tale of relationships, being put in unthinkable situations, and losing complete control over one’s life. It is a very believable, intriguing, fast paced and interesting story.”
—Crimespree Magazine

“Thriller veteran Finder merits applause for this streamlined story made believable by Danny’s everyman character; readers will find his palpable guilt and fear instantly relatable.”

“Finder’s new novel — SUSPICION — is going to keep fans happy… it doesn’t venture into the unbelievable. It’s a fine balance and Finder is great at taking an ordinary character and then wrapping a good story around him. The other strength of Finder is the ability to create suspense and tension without extreme violence or what you might describe as an action movie disguised as a novel.”
—Ottawa Sun

“Lock yourself in a room with SUSPICION and don’t come out until you’ve read every last word. Completely original, emotionally satisfying, expertly twisted, and genuinely entertaining. SUSPICION is the thriller to read this year. I loved it.”
—Lisa Gardner, bestselling author

“Joseph Finder has always been out there on the front edge of things. With SUSPICION he does it again, giving us a novel that is as timely and cognizant of contemporary society as it is a startling seat of the pants thrill ride. In Finder’s hands one man’s fight for survival becomes an everyman’s journey to the light.”
—Michael Connelly, bestselling author

“SUSPICION is Joseph Finder at the absolute top of his form: a heart-pounding, sweaty-palmed, utterly terrifying ride.”
—Tess Gerritsen, bestselling author

“Is this Joseph Finder’s best thriller yet? It gets my vote. So many twists and shocks. It kept me reading all night.”
—R.L. Stine, author of the Goosebumps series

“Joseph is an amazing writer, and this is a riveting thriller.”
—Jackie Collins, author of 29 bestsellers

“Joseph Finder’s SUSPICION is an example of a great book. It utilizes many of the familiar elements of the modern thriller novel – ordinary people in extraordinary situations, cliffhanger endings, high-tech gadgets, shifting POVs – but does so in an outstanding way, transforming the ordinary into something rare and wonderful.”
—David J. Montgomery, The Strand magazine

“SUSPICION takes you on a jet-propelled ride that thrums with tension and trouble, all of it possible, believable, and compelling. If you want a wonderful plot with deeply-drawn characters, read this novel. You’ll be glad you did. Five well-deserved stars!”
—Mark Rubinstein, author of Mad Dog House and Love Gone Mad

“This book kept me on edge. A good read for the summer.”
—Newburgh Free Library

“SUSPICION by Joseph Finder gets my vote for novel of the year! I truly love how he can take me into the life of the character, Daniel Goodman, and feel every intense moment he felt. You can almost feel your pulse rate go up during the suspenseful moments.”
—Fresh Fiction

“SUSPICION is one of those very rare books that captures your attention from the first few pages, refusing to relent until the very end… a perfect thriller to curl up with poolside. Finder holds nothing back and gives nothing away, expertly wrapping everything up into a stunning and completely shocking ending.”
—Jenn’s Bookshelves

“There is a lot to like about SUSPICION, from its well-drawn characters to its relentless tension and nonstop suspense… this is a thrill ride like no other, up to and including the surprise ending.”
—Mysterious Reviews

“After devouring it in a couple of days, I can say it was well worth the wait. This was truly one of those “can’t put it down” books.”
—Duffbert’s Random Musings

“No one does tension better than Joseph Finder.”
—My Big Honkin Blog

“Believable, intriguing, fast paced and interesting.”
—Just Add Water, Silly

“I left it at work on purpose because I wanted to savor it and make the book last as long as I could.”
—Chery’s Book Nook

“The author has a keen gift for suspense and this tale sets the reader on edge throughout.”
—The Crime Book Beat

“We gasp at every page we turn… This is a thriller that you cannot put down until the grand finale.”

“An amazingly thrilling novel that one just can’t put down, one that ends with a screeching bang followed by a mysterious self-imploding clue. Stunning novel that clearly demonstrates the adept skills of a brilliant thriller author!”
—Crystal Book Reviews

“It’s just one of those books that’s an absolute delight to read.”
—Kelly Vision

“I couldn’t have put down this book if I wanted to. The author proceeds to take us on a wild ride without giving us much time to catch our breath. My heart was just pounding as the pages kept turning… There are some crazy twists in this thriller that really turned the story on its ear.”
—Escape with Dollycas Into a Good Book

“An interesting thriller that calls to mind some of Finder’s earlier works.”
—Celebrity Books

“SUSPICION, in my opinion, is Finder’s best novel to date. It’s compelling, impossible to put down. Finder is a master of plot twists, surprise twist endings and visceral emotions. He pulls you into the characters’ world in such a way that you feel every heart thump and chills travel up the base of your neck as you sit on the edge of your seat wondering how in the hell the character will escape his latest predicament.”
—Have You Heard

“A thriller/mystery that has many twists and turns.”
—The Daily Dosage

“Elegantly written and engaging, SUSPICION will keep readers on target till it’s finished.”
—Mallory Heart Reviews

“In Joseph Finder’s hands nothing is as it seems… This story will pull you in and carry you on a journey of ups and downs and twists and turns that you, and Danny, never see coming.”
—The Writer’s Forensics Blog



“Readers, whether at the beach, on the backyard patio, or reading themselves to sleep at night, will find themselves in the grips of a delightfully dark tale filled with vividly crafted characters, terrific action, mystery, and absorbing narrative tension. This is summer noir at its best… Call it whatever you want, but Joseph Finder has produced the kind of masterfully crafted, pulse-throbbing popular entertainment that few readers will want to put down.”
—Boston Globe

“A total wow of a read, Finder’s second novel starring Nick Heller…gets off to a quick start and keeps the throttle wide open for the whole ride. This is the kind of book you have to look up from, every once in a while, just to collect yourself… About as perfectly plotted and suspenseful as possible, this is a tremendous high-wire act.”
—Booklist, starred review

“Bestseller Finder’s compulsively readable sequel to VANISHED opens fast and never slows down… Self-effacing, wry, and ridiculously competent, Heller makes a reasonably engaging protagonist, but this thriller’s real star is the suspenseful, expertly paced plot.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Following the acclaimed VANISHED, Nick Heller is back… Crisp, clipped chapters and numerous cliff-hangers propel the action at a breakneck pace. Finder’s outstanding writing and engrossing plot twists embellish a captivating summer read.”
—Library Journal, starred review

“Nick Heller, the private spy introduced two years ago in Joseph Finder’s VANISHED, is the guy you want on your side when your corporation needs deep background or your political life needs a cleanup. Finder paints an appealing hero, engaging, in part, because he’s not a superhero. Comparisons with Lee Child’s Jack Reacher are inevitable, but Heller’s actions are never those of a lone cowboy. He’s human enough to seek and accept help… Racing alongside Nick Heller, you’ll want one more chapter, then another, and then one more. You know he has to prevail; you just need to know how.”
—The Washington Post

“Heller is a compelling and flawed hero who pursues justice at all costs. The page-turning suspense and the plot twists make BURIED SECRETS a candidate for the best-seller lists.”
—Jeff Ayers for The Associated Press

“The pace is fast, the writing terse, the action non-stop – like a combination of Alfred Hitchcock, John Le Carre and Ian Fleming on speed.”
—Tulsa World

“Joe Finder has blended the post-modern escapism of Lee Child with the pop paranoia of the seminal early work of Robert Ludlum. His hero, Nick Heller, wages the kind of one-man war familiar to Jack Reacher fans while cracking a conspiracy of typically monstrous proportions…Once better known for financially-themed thrillers, Finder’s even better with bullets than numbers in crafting a textbook example of what a thriller can and should be.”
—The Providence Journal

“One of the strongest thrillers this year… If you’re claustrophobic, BURIED SECRETS may give you some chills. But Finder’s novel is an action-packed read that moves quickly — but not too quickly that readers can’t enjoy the mystery.”
—Las Vegas Review-Journal

“A powerhouse thriller that puts its hooks into you in chapter one and never lets go. Heller is a marvelous creation. Finder draws on his own background in espionage but uses it in the Heller books to probe corporate skullduggery as well as conspiracies that have international political elements.”
—Connecticut Post

“BURIED SECRETS moves at a brisk pace as Finder adds layers of conspiracies to his plot. As usual, Finder knows how to measure out the action for the ultimate impact.”
—South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“Author Joseph Finder is the king of “the hook” in writing style. This talented author can grab a reader’s interest quicker and more securely with his first few pages than anyone else writing today… If you want a novel that is a good read and is also one that you literally can’t put down then BURIED SECRETS is the book for you. Block out some time before you start because you won’t want any diversions or interruptions while you race through it.”
—Jackie K. Cooper for The Huffington Post

“A rip-roaringly suspenseful espionage thriller that made this reviewer cringe, shudder and laugh all on the one page. From the flying start to the eventual standoff, I simply did not want to tear my eyes away from this book for one moment such is the relentless pace.”

“While Finder has built his writing reputation on clever plots and cutting-edge technology, it’s his characters who clearly steal the show… As you race from chapter to chapter, breathless to know what will happen next, you’ll be happy to discover that classic reader’s dilemma—you just have to know how the story ends, and yet, you don’t want to part ways with these characters.”
—Lisa Gardner, bestselling crime novelist

“BURIED SECRETS is a perfect example of a white-knuckle thriller: suspenseful and exciting, with good action scenes, interesting characters and lots of smart technical details and inside info that take the reader behind the curtain to catch a glimpse of the shadows. There are few writers working today who could pull off a book like this with such skill and panache — and none who could do it while making it all look so effortless. BURIED SECRETS cements Finder’s status as the master of the modern thriller. ”
—David J. Montgomery, thriller/mystery critic for The Daily Beast and the Chicago Sun-Times

“Finder’s deft humor peppers this tale with witty and cynical quotable one-liners; many of which made me laugh out loud… Smattered with trade-craft, glimpses into geo-politics and financial trickery, this insightful novel is the summer thriller of 2011.”
—Ali Karim, SHOTS magazine

“Finder pulls out all the stops in BURIED SECRETS… a smart, sharp and fast-paced novel that’s part thriller, part mystery, and all-entrancing.”

“Listeners, be advised: Once you push “PLAY” on this second Nick Heller thriller, pushing “STOP” will be extremely difficult. Joseph Finder’s latest nail-biter features crimes, international intrigue, and suspense that whips through the privileged enclaves and seedy underbelly of Boston. From the opening paragraphs, Holter Graham’s cool, acerbic performance personifies the sardonic Heller, “private spy.””
—AudioFile Magazine

“Nick Heller is one of my favorite characters in thrillerdom. Joseph Finder always excels in keeping his audiences hooked with perfectly crafted plots, relentless suspense, and endearing protagonists… At nearly 400 pages, this novel only feels like half of that and never is there a dull moment or a wasted word.”
—Fiction Addict

“This is edge-of-the-seat, pulse-racing storytelling with a whiplash finish that leaves you gasping for more: quite excellent.”
—The Daily Mail UK

“Finder does an excellent job with the Nick Heller character, and the twists kept coming fast and furious right up to the end…If you’ve never had the pleasure of reading a Joseph Finder novel, feel free to jump right in with BURIED SECRETS. The writing and characters are reminiscent of Harlan Coben and Lee Child, and the only disappointment is when you get to the end and know you have to wait for a new Finder novel.”
—Duffbert’s Random Musings

“Nick Heller is a hero in the classic sense of the word. A pleasingly fast-paced book…with a memorable leading man and some highly memorable action sequences.”
—Alternative Magazine Online (UK)

“Short chapters, plenty of twists, lots of tech stuff, a bit of romance, humor here and there, slick plotting: just about everything you look for in a thriller.”
—Bill Crider, Pop Culture Magazine

“Reading BURIED SECRETS is like running a mad dash or being involved in a high speed chase – – your heart will pound, you will be moving on adrenaline and when it’s over you will be physically spent.”
—Psychotic State

“Finder has found his stride with his new hero and will no doubt produce future heart pumping stories in this series. If you enjoy white-knuckle thrillers and are looking for a new adventure series scoop up VANISHED and BURIED SECRETS from your local book seller.”
—The Fish

“I was carried along by the interesting plot and excellent characterization particularly the realistic portrayal of Heller who was in no way a super hero or the energizer bunny type that is often found in this type of book. BURIED SECRETS is the second book in the series, which has all the ingredients for many successful sequels.”
—Maddy Van Hertbruggen for

“A page-turning plot line that doesn’t demand too much thought combined with a likable hero, a depraved villain, and a steady dose of action makes for an entertaining summer read for thriller-inclined teens.”
—School Library Journal

“To say that this was hard to put down is an understatement. The short chapters and change in point of view keep the narrative moving forward at a very rapid pace… Recommend for a great summer read — but only if you have nothing else to do until you turn the last page!”
—The Book Nurse

“This is by no means a typical detective story… BURIED SECRETS, like all the other Joseph Finder novels I’ve read, is a cut or two above other thrillers — in its intricate plotting, its in-depth charzacterizations, and its hard-hitting writing.”
—Mal Warwick’s Blog on Books

“Finder has, in the past, displayed his penchant for solid character development and suspenseful writing with his first Nick Heller novel, VANISHED — and he delivers the goods this time as well.You’ll keep those pages turning…”
—Khaleej Times

“The book is tightly written and action-packed… Holter Graham is a prolific, professional, and extremely reliable narrator of audio books… He also narrated VANISHED, so he is already comfortable with the cast of BURIED SECRETS. His Nick is smart, cagey, but too impulsive. Graham has a knack from capturing each voice from Alexa’s querulous teen notes to Marshall’s sorrowful and manipulative pleas… Together, Finder and Graham have created a thoroughly engaging summer listen.”
—Karla Jay reviews the audiobook for

“A page-turner until the very end, those enjoying action packed mystery/thrillers will find this a satisfying and enjoyable read.”
—Linus’s Blanket

“I read BURIED SECRETS in a day. Almost everything about this book is right. Joseph Finder is as good as the late William Tappley and Robert Parker in bringing the city to life.”
—Murder by Type

“It was like enjoying a symphony of words. Joseph Finder just wove a fabric of fun, action, thrills and chills.”
—Gelati’s Scoop

“Fast paced, suspenseful thriller with interesting characters and many plot twists and turns… BURIED SECRETS is a novel that will draw you in from the start and will keep you glued to the pages until the end–a wonderfully written story!”
—Little Apple Bookworm



“Joseph Finder’s new novel is a humdinger….a thriller to enjoy for its Washington locales, convincing familiarity with cutting-edge spy gadgetry, and taut action scenes.”
—The Washington Post

“Page-turning adventure and escapist fun. Finder’s strengths as a novelist, certainly on display in this latest narrative, are his profound understanding of espionage and his dead-on depictions of the cut-throat rivalries inside the landscape of corporate America.”
—Boston Globe magazine

“VANISHED is not only the best thriller of the summer, it’s a strong candidate for the best of the year…It’s the thrills in VANISHED that will get your blood pumping, but it’s the emotions in it that will touch your heart.”
—Chicago Sun-Times

“Finder is that rare thriller author who actually writes well. He manages deft characterization, offhand one-liners and a fine sense of place….In the best thrillers everything is connected. Pay attention to the details here, because they all fit into the surprising and timely plot of this first-rate effort.”

“VANISHED…is a scary, impossible-to-put-down paranoid thriller cut from the same cloth as those great 1970s Watergate era thrillers written by Robert Ludlum and classic movies such as “Three Days of the Condor.”… Finder will be giving Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series a run for its money… I can’t wait to read Nick’s second adventure.”
—Connecticut Post

“Finder has long been one of the best in the business at combining roller-coaster plots with well-developed characters, sharp writing and up-to-the-minute story details…Heller is a promising new hero, one of Finder’s best creations yet, and VANISHED is an excellent start to a new series…quite possibly the year’s best thriller.”
—David Montgomery, crime fiction reviewer,

“VANISHED has the familiar trappings of a Finder novel, including well-crafted characters, lots of unpredictable plot twists and a furious pace.”
—Bruce DeSilva, for The Associated Press

“Cliffhangers galore, the fascinating tradecraft of corporate espionage, and an engrossing story will propel readers through this outstanding thriller. Highly recommended as a great summer read.”
—Library Journal (Starred Review)

“Breakneck pace and labyrinthine schemes . . . ingenious.”

“Heller is Finder’s new series character and …will very shortly be mentioned in the same breath as Reacher and Bosch…If you only read one book this summer, make it VANISHED.”
—Crimespree Magazine

“Financial thriller whiz Joe Finder enters new territory with his latest, VANISHED by introducing his first series character and moving into the action genre. The result is a solid success in all respects…He has fully and seamlessly entered the world of Lee Child and James Rollins. A rousing, lightning-paced thriller from the first page to the last.”
—Providence Journal

“The plot is rich with odd twists and gruesome crimes, and just when the reader thinks the puzzle has been solved, Finder sends the tale careening in another direction. It’s a kind of sudoku for thriller connoisseurs. Wonderfully entertaining!”
—Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Finder ratchets up the suspense while making VANISHED both a business thriller and an old-fashioned heist. As usual, Finder knows how to measure out the action for the ultimate impact.”
—Sun Sentinel

“For Finder, corporate politics are as lethal as international spy rings. Maybe even more so. In VANISHED, Finder launches his first series, keeping the basics that have made his eight stand-alone books best-sellers while expounding on character development and multilayered plots. Nick Heller is a worthy hero…”
—Arizona Daily Star

“Moves at the pace of an injected neuro-toxin…. You’ll curse Finder for keeping you up into the early hours.…When I put the book down all I wanted to do was to start from the beginning again, such was the pleasure I got from VANISHED. … I would advise grabbing a copy quick, because like its title, it will be vanishing fast from the shelves on release.”
—Ali Karim, Shots magazine

“Finder has been a marvel from the very start of his writing career, and VANISHED takes him to new heights. It is a sharp, intricate thriller, shot through with memorable characters both good and bad, and wonderfully told from beginning to end…The fact that VANISHED is the first in a series of Heller books will surely make it a mandatory addition to the “must read” lists of thriller readers everywhere.”

“VANISHED is a fast read, written in short clipped, staccato chapters and clear prose that is refreshingly free of the jingoism, posing, and diatribes that crowd too many of today’s thrillers. …what separates Finder from the pack is that he both can really write, and his plots dealing with corporate intrigue have the ring of truth.”
—Mystery File

“Fans will be glad to know that VANISHED is everything they have been anticipating and well worth the wait. Finder’s fingerprints are all over this one: corporate intrigue, intense action scenes, and strong characters that effortlessly carry the story. As always Finder’s research and preparation shine through giving us a revealing and fascinating glimpse into private intelligence.”
—Fiction Addict

“From the opening pages this thriller confidently rushes along at a brisk pace, with plenty of action and a good sense of suspense. Finder knows how to engage his audience with interesting characters and plotting, and most readers will eagerly devour this enjoyable novel in a sitting or two.”
—Canberra Times (Australia)

“Even though I’d been warned that everyone who’d read it did so in one sitting, I cracked the cover at 10 p.m., figuring yeah, yeah, one sitting, right. When I passed out at 4 a.m., I was thinking, boy, if I could just keep my eyes opened long enough to finish this!”
—Myles Knapp, Contra Costa Times correspondent

“VANISHED is well worth your time….Thrillers and spy novels should be filled with intrigue and clever plot twists. Unpredictable yet believable. Fast paced but with an attention to detail creating credible story lines. Finder always delivers.”

“Author Joseph Finder is a keeper. The reason being he writes such fast paced thrillers that the reader can barely keep up with the plot as it races from page to page. His new book VANISHED is one of his best…being this anxious and this enthralled is a fine form of reading entertainment.”
—Jackie K. Cooper, The Huffington Post

“A well-written story which will keep you guessing.”
—Newcastle Herald

“Fast-paced and full of intrigue, VANISHED has all the hallmarks of Finder’s finest corporate thrillers, combined with a brand-new hero in Nick Heller. Once you start reading, you won’t want to stop!”
—The Crime Scene (Borders)

“Joseph Finder’s excellent plotting and ability to immerse the reader in the complexities of corporate espionage makes VANISHED a page turning thrill ride. Nick Heller emerges not only as a hero, but as a guy one would want around if trouble found them.”
—Harrisburg Examiner

“If Jack Reacher met Nick Heller in a dark alley, my money’s on Reacher. But it would be ugly. Or would it? Actually, I think they’d go for a beer together and set the world to rights – because Joseph Finder has given me a terrific new hero to root for. This is an action-packed, full-throttle, buy-it-today-read-it-tonight series that you definitely shouldn’t miss.”
—Lee Child, author of the Jack Reacher novels

“Written in staccato chapters that are emotionally supercharged and action packed, this thriller will more than satisfy adrenaline junkies and have them guessing until the very end.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Welcome to a Bond for the 21st century. Nick Heller is an adaptable, compassionate and satisfying maverick hero. I can’t wait for the next.”
—Daily Mail (UK)

“Joseph Finder delivers a compelling start to a new series featuring Nick Heller. Finder, a crack American journalist who writes on espionage and international affairs, combines the corporate workplace novel of intrigue with the international action thriller. And Heller just may be the new Jack Reacher, a decent man concealed by a rock-hard exterior.”
—The Australian

“This devilishly plotted thriller is so engrossing that you may not even mind when your own life is stalled in traffic.”
AudioFile (on the audiobook)

“This book is stunning! …hard to put down, and you will be glued to the pages until it is over! Good news! This is the first in a series of Nick Heller books.”
—Armchair Interviews

“Unexpected twists and suspense including an astonishing turn in the final pages…Joseph Finder is one of my favorite authors. I read VANISHED in one night. Don’t miss reading this book!!!”
—Earlenes Eye On Books (blog)

“From page 1, the story speeds along at a pace that kept me turning pages…I only wonder how Finder will top this effort.”

“VANISHED is an excellent thriller…It has action and fast-paced plot progression…Keeps you guessing throughout the whole book.”

“The real mystery here is how Finder found the energy or the time to craft a plot with so many layers and twists…When you end [VANISHED], you will be pleased that Nick promises to return.”
—The Poisoned Pen

“Finder…quickly establishes his characters and gets the story moving. And, as he usually does, he keeps the pace speedy, and the suspense high, until the final pages. Something different, and also very good, from this always-reliable writer.”
—Winnipeg Free Press

“I have totally fallen into book lust with the main character in this story (Nick Heller).”
—1 Mile at a Time (blog)

“A page turner with solid writing and a strong plot that certainly rivals today’s movie thrillers.”
—Celebrity.Books (blog)

“VANISHED has catapulted Joseph Finder into my must read category. A terrific book with terrific characters and I love the lighthearted, sometimes funny, writing style.”
—TracyReaderDad Book Reviews (blog)

“I am consistently amazed by the element of detail that Joseph Finder adds to his novels. It sets him apart from others in the genre and he seems to raise his game with each new novel.”
—Gelati’s Scoop (blog)

“Considering that this was the first time I’ve ever read anything by Joseph Finder and it was a random choice based on the cover, I found myself pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the story. I’ll be on the lookout for more stories by Finder.”
—My Two Blessings (blog)

“Plenty of twists and turns… Fun to read… A fine start to a new series, and I’m looking forward to reading the second book.”
—Bill Crider, Pop Culture Magazine

“Page by page you become enthralled in the discoveries that he finds out in this conspiracy. It’s non-stop action, which I find to be very good for the story’s pace. All in all – it is a book that you won’t want to put down.”
—Tribute Books Mama



“Another triumphant work… truly earns the distinction of ‘page-turner.’ …[will send] readers racing through the story at lightning speed … A winner.”
—Chicago Sun-Times

“Its premise is enough to send chills through corporate boardrooms, and through civilian readers too. [Mr. Finder] easily draws readers into the mind of his smart young protagonist.”
—Janet Maslin, The New York Times

“The action is swift … smooth-running … Finder keeps the plot bubbling and the pages turning. His bad guys are believably menacing, and Jake Landry is humane enough that a reader can’t help rooting for him to outwit all his foes.”
—The Wall Street Journal

“A finely crafted excursion into the dark heart of executive-suite skullduggery.”

“The pace gallops relentlessly … Joseph Finder is perhaps the lead player in the corporate thriller genre.”
—The New York Times Book Review

“Thrilling … moves briskly, boldly … Start it this afternoon and you’ll have the nightstand lamp burning at bedtime. Having read all of Finder’s books, I’ve come to the conclusion he doesn’t have a bad one in him.”
—Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“[A] nail biter of a read … Juggling the dog-eat-dog ethics of corporate life with a tense, scary plot.”
—Library Journal

“A page-turner par excellence.”
—Boston Common

“A fast-paced fun ride … a delicious, perfectly-prepared mixture.”
—Boston Globe

“POWER PLAY is one taut thriller, a book that was read on the bus, on the subway and late into the night … Joseph Finder has crafted one terrific tale.”
Montreal Gazette

“Joseph Finder’s POWER PLAY doesn’t mess about.”
—The Guardian (UK)

“[Finder] hooks his readers big time with an irresistible premise.”

“The complexities of aircraft construction, money laundering and bank security are painlessly woven into a gripping storyline.”
—Tonight (South Africa)

“POWER PLAY is easily the most entertaining read I’ve had this summer. As a thriller, it is one of the best this year … highly recommended for the beach, plane or hammock.”
—Tampa Bay Online

“A bloody, rollicking thrill ride … the plot moves at light speed.”
—Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Joseph Finder catapults himself into the front ranks of contemporary writers.”
—Harlan Coben, author of Long Lost

“POWER PLAY by Joseph Finder is a real blood-pumper, with surprises on every page. Good stuff.”
—The Independent on Sunday (UK)

“[POWER PLAY] soars … A superior thriller … [a] tightly-coiled story.”
—South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“Wildly entertaining … the adrenaline rush and the razor-edged social comedy that is Finder’s trademark. You won’t want to stop reading.”
—The Huffington Post

“A masterpiece … wrings more thrills per square foot than any book released this year … strong plotting, memorable characterization and exquisitely paced prose … Finder’s combination of plot and characterization gives POWER PLAY a readability quotient to the degree that it almost seems as if putting the book down at any point before finishing it is akin to a criminal act … A fabulous offering.”

“Joseph Finder … is a master when it comes to creating tension.”
—Crime Time (UK)

“Takes off like a rocket and races at a breakneck clip that doesn’t let up until the very last page … the best hostage-taking tale in years, achieving the pulp-action entertainment brilliance of ‘Die Hard’ on paper instead of screen.”
—The Providence Journal

“[A] sleek thriller … Tight, fluid writing.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Better than ‘Harry Potter.’ … 300-plus pages of great reading.”
—Contra Costa Times

“In his eighth thriller, Joseph Finder has produced something to please almost everyone.”
The Canadian Press

“Finder makes the pages fun to turn.”
—Conde Nast Portfolio

“Moves like a bullet out of a gun.”
—Lee Child, author of the Jack Reacher novels

“I dare you to read the first page. You won’t be able to stop.”
—Tess Gerritsen, author of The Keepsake

“This is like reading a James Bond novel. It is fast and furious… This is pure entertainment and it is slick and gossy and rich people suffer according to their desserts. Lee Child recommended it and I can see why and so do I.”



“The master of a complex suspense formula… has scenes of flawlessly executed violence, crisp dialogue and taut pacing. His sendup of the ‘Business is war’ mentality is acute and good-humored.”
—The New York Times

“Mr. Finder’s fictional portraits of life in the maw of the private sector are sharper than those of most writers who moonlight on this terrain… Mr. Finder’s premise, of imagining overcaffeinated executives like Jason Steadman storming the corner office as if it were Fallujah, is rich territory.”
—The Wall Street Journal

“Where’s the disclaimer saying that any libelous resemblance of characters in this book to real people or companies is purely coincidental? …Finder is a well-versed tour guide to the business world, capable of mixing satire with insider lore. Finder’s take on the sales rep’s trade is as cynical as that portrayed in the movie Tin Men or in the David Mamet play Glengarry Glen Ross.”

“With his third novel in as many years to deal with a similar theme, Joseph Finder has firmly established himself as the master… doing for the country’s boardrooms and executive suites what John Grisham did for its courtrooms… KILLER INSTINCT is a superb story that dazzles with its heart-pounding suspense, even while posing deeper questions about the ethics of business and what we’re willing to do to get ahead.”
—Boston Globe

“This is fun stuff, with lots of plot twists. Finder once again proves adept at genre conventions and inventive in applying an action-movie sensibility to the white-collar workplace.”
—San Francisco Chronicle

“At the start of this masterful business thriller from bestseller Finder, Jason Steadman, successful salesman at Entronics, an electronics company that’s right up there with Sony and Panasonic, drives into a ditch near his office outside Boston while talking to his wife on his cellphone. Jason befriends the tow-truck driver who comes to his rescue, Kurt Semko, an ex-Special Forces soldier, and recommends him for a position at Entronics.”
—Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“Wickedly fun.”
—Entertainment Weekly

“…what if ‘take no prisoners’ wasn’t just a figure of speech? In his latest thriller, Joseph Finder, the business world’s answer to John Grisham, follows a 30-year-old sales exec into the shadowy world of corporate security.”
—Fast Company magazine

“This is slick entertainment that makes you squirm in your seat, and grip the pages as if your fingers were coated with adhesive. Like the best thrillers, the plot of KILLER INSTINCT is simple, but in that simplicity comes duplicity as the tale that takes the basic Faustian story and updates it for the twenty-first century… Informative, smart, fast paced and a damned fine read…KILLER INSTINCT is without doubt one of best thrillers for 2006, and Finder a unique voice…If I were to sum-up KILLER INSTINCT in one word, I’d call it astounding, and as a big reader/reviewer of thrillers, this beat my high-tide mark by a mile.”
—Ali Karim, Shots Magazine

“Finder is nothing less than a marvel… KILLER INSTINCT is a killer book, the great white of this summer’s thrillers. You’ll never see a video screen or a tow truck without thinking of it.”

“Finder remains the CEO of the corporate thriller.”
—Library Journal

“The best book of its kind since Michael Crichton’s Disclosure.”
—Providence Journal-Bulletin

“A first-rate thrill ride, punctuated with the kind of character development most authors shun… There’s also a lot to be said for hip dialogue, a contemporary milieu and an author who references Radiohead.”
—Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“[A] masterful blend of contemporary thriller and a character-driven plot set in a totally believable business setting that could be any large corporation in America… the excitement builds to a pulse-racing conclusion.”
—Houston Chronicle

“[A] book that moves at breakneck speed. The pacing will make you want to sneak it into your own cubicle to find out what’s going to happen next.”
—The Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Finder writes a special brand of business-world thriller one might call Dilbert noir… In his latest, Finder takes a man least likely to swim with the sharks – Jason Steadman, a very happy, contented salesman for an electronics giant – and places him on fortune’s wheel… Part of the dreadful fun of this thriller is figuring out ahead of Steadman who is behind his good fortune; the rest of the suspense comes from watching Steadman seek to outwit his malevolent benefactor.”

“KILLER INSTINCT moves at such a brisk pace that the more than 400 pages zoom by. But Finder doesn’t neglect character development for a quick-moving plot. With an economy of scenes and realistic dialogue, Finder sculpts believable characters and avoids stereotypes… Killer Instinct proves that Finder has the killer instinct when it comes to creating his own exciting niche.”
—South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“Your dude will get a thrill out of this rollercoaster of a read.”

“Throughout the novel, Finder moves his tightly woven plot effortlessly from the larger to the smaller picture, bringing us a fascinating perspective of corporate America with all of its intrigue, hypocrisy, deception, paranoia, back stabbing and incompetence… Joseph Finder has done it again. KILLER INSTINCT displays all the hallmarks of a superior cracking thriller with an absorbing tale with excellent pacing.”

“Author Joseph Finder is an expert at taking everyman heroes (a PDA product manager in PARANOIA, an office furniture executive in COMPANY MAN) and really brings this art to focus with a monitor salesman in KILLER INSTINCT… KILLER INSTINCT grabbed me by the throat. For two nights while I was in the midst of this story, I had problems going to sleep worrying about how Jason could possibly escape.”

“It’s a perfect companion to the previous page turner, COMPANY MAN… Finder blends the double crosses and sneaky corporate politics of the electronics industry into a compelling and deceptively intricate narrative.”
—Sidney Williams,

“Joseph Finder is a talented storyteller with thrilling action in all of his books. The plot is ingenious, compelling and frightening… This novel sizzles.”

“KILLER INSTINCT by Joseph Finder is a corporate thriller that will have readers on the edge of their seats. The action is fast-paced and spellbinding… I was definitely enthralled.”
—The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers



“Compelling . . . COMPANY MAN confirms what PARANOIA made clear: [Finder] has unusually keen instincts for back-stabbing in the business world. . . as much a novel about the chicanery of the business world as it is a mystery story . . . Finder weaves these prospects menacingly throughout the story.”
—The New York Times

“Finder skillfully places his story of corporate intrigue (who is trying to sell the company, and why?) in counterpoint to the unravelling of a family’s secrets (why is Nick’s son Lucas so disturbed?), and the plot, which also features rogue cops and at least one homicide, accelerates to a headlong finish.”
—The New Yorker

“Finder has become a master of the modern thriller. There are twists and deceptions packed in here…Once again, Finder has managed to update the claustrophobic thriller into something that resonates with our times. . . . Joseph Finder has secured his niche as a master of the contemporary corporate thriller, a smart plotter in touch with our new century’s soft spots.”
—Boston Globe

“Propulsive… should cement Finder’s reputation as a reliable chronicler of the perils lurking in e-mail and the executive suite.”
—Entertainment Weekly

“Not only fast paced-excitement but also sympathetic characters with authentic back stories and realistic situations. Highly recommended.”
—Library Journal (Starred Review)

“At long last someone has done for executives what John Grisham did for lawyers: create fictional ones sufficiently three-dimensional to care about… the book doesn’t slow down for a second.”

“It’s everything a thriller should be: suspenseful, entertaining — and, above all, thrilling.”
—Chicago Sun-Times

“A solid, engrossing thriller… the novel’s pacing is strong, with steady suspense… there are few thriller fans who won’t stay up to finish this assured tale.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Finder (who last mined corporate culture in 2004’s PARANOIA) expertly keeps the pages turning as he ups the stakes chapter after chapter in Conover’s professional and personal life. He is equally confident in portraying the small stuff involving family conflicts, marriages in turmoil and especially the telling details of corporate life. . . it more than achieves its main goal of entertaining the reader – as a good thriller is supposed to do.”
—Baltimore Sun

“A frightfully good suspense thriller.”

“It is Finder’s strength as a writer that he is able to produce sympathy and understanding for his characters. Joseph Finder has created a thriller encased in a story of morality.”
—Front Street Reviews

“Finder is back with a new thriller that is almost as good as PARANOIA, one of my favorite books last year. . . . The good guy/killer dichotomy is a fascinating study in an intense story about the good and evil in all of us, and Finder twists a couple of storylines and keeps those pages turning. Great read.”

“This is a real page-turner with a new twist in every chapter. Finder has developed the characters of Nick and Audrey so well that you find yourself sympathizing with each of them. On one hand, you want the crime solved and on the other, you find yourself fearing that Audrey will really find something on Nick. The action is constant, the progress of the novel smooth and enticing and the end is a real surprise.”
—The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers



“Fun . . .movie-ready . . . twists aplenty . . .the fear of seeing Cassidy exposed as a spy . . . provides more chills than any ghoul with a chain saw.”
—Entertainment Weekly

“Jet-propelled. . this twisting, stealthily plotted story…weaves a tangled and ingeniously enveloping web…[with a] killer twist for the end.”
—The New York Times

“There’s a new John Grisham in town . . . Masterfully told and thoroughly engrossing.”
—People Magazine, “Critics Choice”

“A built-for-speed thrill ride . . .Mr. Finder, who has written nonfiction about the intelligence world, brings an authoritative-seeming knowledge of trade-craft to his fast-paced, first-person tale of techno-espionage . . . edgy and knowing.”
—The Wall Street Journal

“Last year belonged to Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code . . . This year’s first contender for Page Turner of the Year is Joseph Finder’s Paranoia . . a terrific tale . . . riveting . . . [Finder keeps] the story hurtling along . . . The corporate thriller just got an upgrade.”
—USA Today

“Finder’s detailed portrayal of the Machiavellian world of the mega-corporation and its high-stakes intrigue…keeps the pages turning.”
—The New York Times Book Review

“Edge of your seat action . . . You’ll think twice about who’s watching you at work.”
—The Washington Post

“An entertaining story about modern corporate espionage and the price of success in the business world . . . part cautionary tale, part satire, and part coming-of-age chronicle . . . PARANOIA has at its heart a clear view of what a good man needs to do to find his soul.”
—Boston Sunday Globe

“The archetype of the thriller in its contemporary form. . . late in the book we discover how completely we have been fooled, and with real escapist pleasure.”
—The New Yorker

“For anyone who loves thrillers, here’s one little prediction: you just may miss a night’s sleep with Joseph Finder’s PARANOIA early in the New Year.”
—Janet Maslin, from The New York Times on CBS News Sunday Morning

“Kudos to Joseph Finder . . . In Finder’s lively prose, even his thumbnail sketches come alive. . . It may go without saying that in a thriller of this quality, just about everyone has a story that’s other than it first appears. What sets Paranoia apart from others of its genre is not only Finder’s fun, chatty prose, but also his command of the setting. A former Sovietologist, the author knows his spy stuff — and has researched well the ins and outs of post-Enron corporate security. . . .In a way, it’s an intellectual puzzle that he has shaped into a thriller.”
—Boston Globe

“A high-octane thrill ride . . . Surprisingly gripping.”
—San Francisco Chronicle

“An exciting, breathless thriller that doesn’t slow down until he has nailed that last, surprising twist in PARANOIA. . . . the premise is so well executed, the action so exhausting and the characters so realistically shaped. . . . In just his fourth novel, finder firmly joins the elite group of today’s outstanding thriller writers. … Finder keeps the energy high and the situations plausible…. Just when PARANOIA seems to be on a predictable path, Finder pulls a twist that is the perfect capper.… a superior modern thriller.”
—Sun-Sentinel (Orlando)

“PARANOIA is a cleverly nuanced suspense story. It builds slowly and relentlessly, developing character and plot, creating intrigue. . . . Fresh, original and without cliche, this is a cerebral, contemporary thriller that ends with a wrenching twist followed by a supple extra turn.”
—Boston Herald

“This novel is the real deal: a thriller that actually will keep readers up way past their bedtimes. . . . Relentless suspense . . . A first-rate surprise ending packs a wallop . . . The most entertaining thriller of 2004.”
—Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“Imaginative and original, this is a gripping thriller with three characteristics too rare in the genre: humor, heart and good writing.”
—Detroit Free Press

“Page-turning perfection . . . dead-on dialogue . . . palpable tension . . . Finder has that rare knack for instantly pulling the reader into the story and then tops that with surprises within surprises.”
—Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Fast, funny, and very, very topical.”
—Toronto Globe and Mail

“A terrific thriller . . . expertly paced and full of suspense and surprises.”
—San Jose Mercury-News

“A superbly plotted page turner.”
—Albany Times-Union

“Combining nail-biting suspense with state-of-the-art technology, it’s sure to become one of the hotter books this year. . . . Joseph Finder excels in keeping the reader guessing until the last sentence, literally.”
—Dallas Morning News

“A rocketing plot. Here it is, readers, the perfect thriller for the post-Enron/Martha Stewart era.”
—New Orleans Times-Picayune

“Finder’s latest is a fun read with a hip narrator, an engaging story set in a world rarely seen in thrillers, and great suspense. Highly recommended for all popular fiction collections.”
—Library Journal (Starred Review)

“A superbly edgy read . . . fraught action scenes worthy of the best heist movies . . . in PARANOIA Finder mines a rich vein of scary entertainment. . . grab[s] readers by their throats the way The Da Vinci Code did.”
—New York Daily News

“Terrific . . . riveting. . . practically redefines the high-stakes, high-tech thriller. It’s the best novel of its kind since Michael Crichton’s Disclosure. . .”
—Providence Journal-Bulletin

“Go along for the ride — it’s worth it.”
—Associated Press

“A guaranteed hit . . . every page is filled with suspense . . . well written and hip with smart dialogue.”
—Ottawa Sun

“The real thing — a sleek, hip, and fast-paced thriller that gets its hooks in you from the very first page. It’s a terrific combination of nail-biting suspense, great characters with depth and real heart, and a fresh, original voice.”
—Lisa Scottoline, author of Dead Ringer

“Oh yeah, this is good, really good. Sharp, wicked, funny, exciting. I’ve been saying for years that the best, most imaginative writing is being done in the genres of crime and suspense. Joseph Finder’s PARANOIA is proof positive.”
—Andrew Klavan, author of True Crime

“One of those all-too-rare but absolutely unforgettable books that rewrites the rules for contemporary thrillers. Finder’s loyal fans have long known what a terrific writer he is, but with PARANOIA he has written what is destined to be a classic of suspense fiction. PARANOIA is a knockout — a fresh, original, and compelling novel that is impossible to put down.”
—Daniel Silva, author of The Confessor

“Combines a fresh voice, terrific characters, and high-octane suspense. Finder catapults himself into the front ranks of contemporary thriller writers.”
—Harlan Coben, author of No Second Chance

“Crisp, hard, funny, and smart.”
—Robert B. Parker, author of Back Story

“PARANOIA is an incredibly clever novel. I love Joseph Finder’s writing, and this time, he surpasses himself with some of the best dialogue and characterizations I’ve read in a long time. The plot is reminiscent of a classic Cold War spy story, but it’s set in a modern, high-tech corporation, complete with espionage, moles, double agents, and the spy who wants to come in from the cold. If there’s such a thing as an instant classic, this is it.”
—Nelson DeMille, author of Up Country

“The best thriller I’ve read in years . . . sets the standard in my mind for the way high-tech thrillers should be. Joseph Finder has put together a really tremendous book, and I liked PARANOIA so much I might go see the movie when it comes out . . . I actually stayed up ’til 3:30 A.M. one Saturday night while my wife slept next to me, feverishly finishing off the read I’d started just the evening before.”

“The quintessential voice of the contemporary thriller . . . St. Martin’s Press believes PARANOIA will be The First Blockbuster of 2004. As a reviewer, I’d have to agree. It’s damn good. . . Don’t keep yourself in suspense, buy the book. It’s worth the money.”

“The novel PARANOIA begins with one of the most tantalizing premises I’ve read in some time. . . It’s worth commending Finder for his insight into the technology world. His background is more in Russian literature and spy things, not in programming. Yet, the tech world he creates is as true to life in Silicon Valley as books like Po Bronson’s The First 10 Million is the Hardest and Douglas Coupland’s Microserfs. Technology is a wonderful domain for a novelist to work within, and we should be glad he came in from the cold to check it out.”

“Joseph Finder has a pretty good hold on thrillers, to put it lightly. He’s without a doubt one of the top out there when it comes to suspense… It’s a great book. Easy read. Full plot. Brilliant ending. If you haven’t read it, get it.”
—John Ambitious

“A fun novel, with twists and turns around every corner.”
—Linda’s Window (blog)

“The novel is a page-turner in the truest sense — each brief chapter ends with a cliffhanger that keeps readers racing to the finish, and its lack of explicit violence or overt commotion is compensated for with scenes of tense dialogue, and some steamy romance.”



“Finder spins his tightest web yet . . . Rattling good entertainment.”
—Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

“Provocative and chilling.”
—Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“A powerhouse tale.”
—Chicago Tribune

“Fast and furious.”
—The New York Times Book Review

“Exciting . . . deliciously absorbing . . . full of hair-pin turns.”
—The Washington Post

—Kansas City Independent

“HIGH CRIMES is a must-read/must-see literary and movie event. Once you’ve experienced reading suspense at its best, you’ll want to get your hands on every thriller he has written.”



“Wonderfully executed . . . A labyrinth of suspense . . . Brilliant . . . A master storyteller.”
—Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Police blotter authenticity . . . goosebump good fun, state-of-the-art sleuthing.”
—The New York Times Book Review

“Pure dynamite.”
—People Magazine

“Breathlessly exciting.”
—Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

“An exceptionally gifted writer and a master storyteller.”
—Nelson DeMille

—The New Yorker

“A thinking person’s thriller with bite.”
—Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

—Cleveland Plain Dealer



“Dazzling . . . Precise, crackling, tonally perfect prose.”
—Boston Sunday Herald

“Spectacular novel of international intrigue and teeth-grinding suspense. . . Superbly crafted and acutely honed . . . A fresh, engrossingly sassy saga of subterfuge with whiplash-provoking pacing . . . Keeps readers perpetually on the edge of their seats . . . A labyrinth of twists and turns to satisfy the most jaded thriller fan . . . A grand-slam finale orchestrated at fever pitch . . .The action is unrelenting . . . electrifying.. . . certain to be the book everyone will be talking about, and could well be considered a paradigm for the future of the espionage novel.”
—Publishers Weekly

“A whiz of a yarn . . . Finder’s pacing, wit and style make this thriller a standout.”
—Pasadena Star News

“Spellbinding… Fans of Robert Ludlum will love Finder.”
—Orlando Sentinel

“Joseph Finder’s first novel, THE MOSCOW CLUB, instantly established him as one of the finest writers of espionage novels; EXTRAORDINARY is even better. . . . Finder is perhaps the foremost chronicler of the new world order. Very well-written, ingeniously plotted, fast-paced, and frighteningly credible.”
—Nelson DeMille

“Purrs along like a high-powered race car loaded with options.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“A master storyteller.”
—Topeka Capital-Journal

“As good as Robert Ludlum at his best.”
—Boston Sunday Globe

“Thrilling . . . a top-notch thriller.”



“Superb . . . easily transcends the thriller genre.”
—Boston Globe

“A knockout . . . compulsively readable.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Superbly exciting….Surpasses both Forsyth and Ludlum.”
—Publishers Weekly

“One of the best novels yet written about political conspiracy.”
—Nelson DeMille

—The Washington Post

“It is very insightful since it was written about the Russian coup just months before it really happened… The plot is very believable and is a quick read for those who like engrossing thrillers.”

“THE MOSCOW CLUB reminds me of some of the classic Soviet-based spy novels, with plenty of twists and double-crosses. Finder is a great writer, and this novel is one I’d recommend for fans of the spy/espionage genre.”
—Duffbert’s Random Musings (

“THE MOSCOW CLUB is an engrossing spy novel. It is insightful since it was written about the Russian coup months before it actually happened. It delves into the Russian culture and political scene. The plot is believable and it is a quick read for those who like engrossing thrillers.”