Special Offers


Are you a Finder fanatic? Looking to personalize your collection of Joseph Finder titles? Look no further. If you’re a loyal reader of Joe’s books, we’d like to offer you your choice of free signed bookplates. Or you can send your book(s) for Joseph to sign.

The “Joe” Bookplate

joefinder bookplate bleed_smaller

The “Joe & Mia” Bookplate

Joe and Mia

To request a free bookplate, please submit your complete name and address via the Contact form. Let us know which design and how many bookplates you would like. Please, no more than four bookplates per household.

Signed Books

Joseph will be happy to sign your books.  Send your books, along with a self-addressed-stamped envelope and return postage, to:

Joseph Finder
P. O. Box 15131
Boston, MA 02215

Also, email [email protected] and let her know a package is on the way. Marilyn will make sure Joseph receives your books.

If you’d like any of the books personalized, stick a Post-It note on the cover with the name of the person Joseph should inscribe the book to.

To International readers: you have to send U.S. currency that’s enough to cover the cost of shipping back the books. Your postal office can tell you how much that will be. Be sure to specify whether you want it to come back via air, sea, land, or snail.