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Limited Edition Bookplate

Bookplates are a time-honored part of the tradition of book collecting, and a favorite book with a bookplate signed by its author becomes an heirloom. I’ve always admired the bookplates designed by the noted illustrator and printmaker Rockwell Kent, who created more than 185 different bookplate designs between 1912 and 1968.

Kent personalized these designs for his clients, seeking to capture something essential about them in each small work of art; you can see a sampling of them here. It was Kent’s visions I had in mind when I approached artist Kevin Sprouls about designing a unique bookplate for my readers.

Kevin Sprouls is best known as the artist who created the distinctive “hedcut” portrait style used by The Wall Street Journal. A Kevin Sprouls hedcut of me is one of my most prized possessions, so I knew he would bring something special to this design. I asked him to design a bookplate in the Rockwell Kent tradition, and suggested the image of a man surrounded by books, reading them (my books, presumably). He came back with this sketch, and when I approved it, finalized the drawing.

The result is this lovely bookplate, printed on heavy cream stock and signed by me as a way to thank you for reading my books, keeping them on your shelves and giving them as gifts.

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Sorry, bookplates cannot be personalized.