The Bat Phone


Finally, I have my own Bat Phone.

I guess that makes me a superhero, except for the tights (do cycling tights count?). This amazing replica of the Bat Phone from the 1960s TV series of my youth was a gift from my brother, Dr. Jonathan Finder, who is not only a remarkable pediatric pulmonologist and researcher at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh but also a collector and restorer of vintage telephones (which occasionally end up on movie sets). The phone lights up when it rings. (Though it’s rarely Commissioner Gordon calling; more often it’s my editor or agent.) Permit me a crass plug: You too can buy a Bat Phone from Jon’s website . . . Or a genuine noir desk phone that Sam Spade or Philip Marlowe might have slammed down. (Or a pink Princess phone, if that’s more your style.) They’re at

Now all I need is a Shakespeare bust with a head you tip back to expose a secret switch that moves the fake bookcase exposing the fire poles down to the Batcave. 

(actual props from the television show "Batman")