Why the First Week on Sale Is So Important


Exclusive Offer

A super-amazing special pre-order offer that may drive my assistant bonkers and cause a run on postage stamps in the Boston area


We writers don’t talk much about it, except to other writers . . . but the first week a book goes on sale has become as important as a movie’s opening weekend.

I know, this makes no sense. Books are all about word-of-mouth. Someone tells you about a novel, you read it, you love it, you tell your friends – that’s how a book becomes a bestseller. Or so you’d think. And no question there’ve been novels that have grown slowly and steadily into huge phenomena: think of THE KITE RUNNER or THE MEMORY KEEPER’S DAUGHTER.

That’s old-fashioned publishing, and it’s wonderful, and I wish it happened more often. But it rarely does. These days, if a book doesn’t open strong, it’s not easy to keep the momentum going.

And included in that first week are all the pre-orders – the book you buy now so you can get it the day it goes on sale. Or close to the first day, anyway.

So if you’re a fan and you’re planning on buying my new book VANISHED, there’s no reason not to buy it now, especially since it will never be cheaper as many booksellers incentivize pre-orders with deep discounting.

And here’s one more reason.

As a way to thank you for your early support, I’m going to make an offer that may well drive my wonderful assistant Claire around the bend. For every copy of VANISHED you buy between now and August 22nd at midnight, I’ll send you a signed, personalized (if you’d like) copy of any of my last four paperbacks.


Even if you already have them all, I bet your Dad doesn’t. Or your cousin Bruce or Aunt Sylvia, right?

Plus, I’ll send you The Cowl, an original comic created by one of the characters in VANISHED, and a signed bookplate (for your new copy of VANISHED or if you have another of my previous books).

There are limited quantities of the comic book available in print so it may well become a collector’s item!

All this and I’ll even pay for the postage. (And “handling,” whatever that is.)

It’s my way of thanking you for your kindness and your support — and for telling your friends.

Click here for details on how to get your free paperback, The Cowl and bookplate!

Many thanks,